What is a Word Unscrambler Tool?

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When playing a word game, you will eventually see an unexpected set of tiles that may seem more difficult to understand than the other tiles. The word unscrambler was created specifically for these moments.

While enjoying games such as Scrabble and Words with Friends, you can find the words for the next step. All you have to do is be a sound solver by inputting tiles from your rack, and Unscrambler will create all possible sounds from this combination of characters.

Simply put, this is a free online tool designed to help you learn, win, and have fun!

How do you use the word unscramblers?

Try it out by following these 4 easy steps!

Step 1

Write tiles from your rack. You can type up to 15 characters and up to 2 wildcards (? Or space).

Step 2

Let the tool open your query for a few seconds and collect all the words it can generate

Step 3

Choose the best word for your next step.

Step 4

Repeat as needed.


Player A was given a set of tiles, “NUBEGRO.” The word that came to their mind was “start”, but our word unscrambler offers a better alternative – “exclusion”.

Player C was given a set of tiles, “ARNOT.” The word that comes to their mind is the word “rhetorical”, but our word obscenity offers a better alternative – “tornado.”

Unscramble Words Finder

Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t think you can make words with letters. These games are designed to challenge you and improve your language skills. Even the best players get stuck in the game at one time or another. Use this exact word to help you overcome these emotional blocks and move forward in the game.

What are the functions of Word Scramble Tools?

1. Introduce all possible words that can be made from a set of letters

Once you ask a question in the search bar, this free online tool will open the entered characters and provide a list of all possible terms that can be created from them.  For every search, we guarantee you’ll find something useful for your next step!

2.  Check the validity of a word

This unscramble word is based on the actual game Scrabble and the official dictionary used for words with friends. 

If you are using a suggested word from Word Tips, click on the word. The next page will tell you which game is acceptable and which is not.

If you want to verify a word by itself, enter the word in the search bar. Click the word, and the next page will say it’s a game and not acceptable.

Expand your vocabulary

We want you to keep winning your games and learn new things every day! Open the letters to create words, memorize these phrases, and improve your vocabulary skills while having fun playing your favorite board games!

Tips and Tricks Unscramble sound

Need help with a word unscrambler? The goal is to master how words can be made from noisy letters. Here are some tried-and-tested tips that you can put to use. Be sure to take notes and see how your game improves!

Tip 1: Rearrange your tiles to separate the vowel from the consonant. This will give you a new perspective on your characters.

Tip 2: A consonant rarely stands by itself to form an acceptable word. Try to gently press the vowels between the consonants while figuring out how to encode the words.

Tip 3: Already come up with a keyword? Check if you have characters that you can use to add prefixes or suffixes. These are simple strategies to get higher points.

Tip 4: Don’t underestimate the power of words with just a few letters or characters. In Scrabble and Words with Friends, the best steps to play towards the end of the game are when the board is already filled with tiles.

Tip 5: Rearrange your tiles often to give your eye a new look at the set of characters. Sometimes, that’s what you need to do to trigger new word ideas.

Tip 6: Use this unscramble cheat tool. If you can’t really figure out the answer, you can always ask for help and learn new words while playing games.

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