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Many t-shirt companies may claim that their shirts are bio cleaned, but does one understand what it means? Several brand owners in Australia frequently inquire with companies like Whole Sale Blank T-shirt company if the t-shirt is bio-washed.

When you come across such features, you might want to know What exactly is Bio Wash? It is a fabric finishing procedure that improves the quality of (cellulose) knitted fabrics by reducing pilling and fuzziness. It is a finishing technique for cellulose fabrics that use enzymes to create long-lasting effects. This procedure removes projecting threads and slubs from stitched fabrics, decreases pilling, softens the cloth hand, and gives the cloth a smooth appearance.

All about the Methodology:

The wash technique removes the small fibre ends that protrude from the surface of the yarn, reducing the fuzz or hairiness of the materials. The enzyme’s hydrolysis action weakens the projecting fibres to the point where a modest amount of physical abrasion is enough to break and remove it. Bio wash is done at any point during the wet processing process, although it is very convenient after bleaching.

It is done in a batch or continuous method. Continuous procedures, on the other hand, necessitate a period of incubation for hydrolytic enzymes to occur. The colour is brighter, the cloth texture is more visible, and the piling is reduced when the fuzz is removed. Fabric softness, look, and feel are also improved with smoother yarns. Bio-polished clothing may be slightly more expensive due to the added process. Look if the label “Bio-Washed” is there when you shop for clothing the next time.


T-shirts of higher quality

Whole Sale Blank T-shirts made exclusively for screen printing are procured and produced by wholesalers. It means that t-shirts from well-known companies are less likely to have sizing issues, holes, fabric issues, terrible dye jobs, and other frequent issues.

Consider it as a supermarket: you receive “fresher” things. When you place an order with a reliable distributor, you have first dibs. Later on, the unusual clothes and things are sold.

Price reductions 

The pricing is the primary reason why most print shops purchase wholesale t-shirts. Buying t-shirts in bulk is less expensive!

Wholesale t-shirts are profitable. It’s not uncommon for wholesale t-shirts to be 70 per cent to 90 per cent less expensive than comparable retail items. Therefore it’s just good business.

A Gildan 2000 t-shirt, for example, might sell for $15 to $20 at retail (especially if it’s been customised with a great screen print).

Most wholesalers, on the other hand, sell Gildan 2000 t-shirts for $1 to $3.

Purchase a large number of t-shirts.

T-shirts are sold in quantities at wholesale prices. There are 72 regular (medium) t-shirts in each case.

As a result, print businesses order t-shirts in bulk in cases or cartons of 72.

The price decreases as the number of shirts ordered increases.

Quickness and simplicity

Purchasing dozens of t-shirts in a store would be time-consuming, clunky, and error-prone.

Most wholesalers can ship in the continental United States within two days, and some can ship even faster. Others provide print shops with in-warehouse pickup options.

Wholesalers make it much simpler to do business by shortening the time it takes for printers to get vast numbers of t-shirts and other items.


Because print shops may relabel t-shirts to make them appear as if they were “custom-made,” wholesale t-shirts enable businesses to launch their brands.

A breakaway tag is often included on these shirts, produced expressly for print shops and other resellers. These tags are removed by print companies, which then print their custom neck labels.

This practice, known as relabeling, gives the impression that that company designed the t-shirt.

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