5 Engagement Ring Styles for Every Bride to Be to Explore

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5 Engagement Ring Styles for Every Bride to Be to Explore

Jewellery has always been the shortest route to a woman’s heart. Rings are among the most sought-after jewellery pieces that both men and women love. Ring trends everywhere are constantly changing. In New Zealand, the watch and jewellery retailing industry is estimated to expand over the coming five years with the increased demand for ornaments. The market size at present is $571 million and 503 businesses operate in this domain in the country. You can find a range of  NZ engagement rings online crafted from various metals and in a variety of shapes. If you’re searching for some classic ring styles for your engagement, here is a list that you should read till the end.

Classic Solitaire

If there is one style of ring that can never go out of trend, it’s that of the solitaire. The classic design of this type of ring allows the diamond to become the focus of attraction. Put simply, you cannot escape from appreciating the beauty of a diamond when you wear a solitaire ring. It is also a very versatile style with wedding and eternity bands and fashion rings on your various fingers. With a classic solitaire, you can forge a look that’s uniquely yours.

Unique Halo Rings

This engagement ring style is raging in popularity among women. It has been trending throughout 2021 and will undoubtedly dominate the charts in the next year too. Today you can find rings in unusual halo shapes, like a geometric, sunburst, and floral designs. They are a modern take on this classic ring. An NZ engagement rings store online wherein you can select the metal of your band allows you to personalise the ring design. Bespoke engagement ring service facilitates the creation of an elegant ring that is exclusive to an individual.

Vintage Inspired Rings

A vintage-style ring is a modern-made one, handcrafted according to the vintage era ring trend. It is set with a vintage diamond at its centre, rather than the modern brilliant-cut diamond. This style imparts an old-world elegance. The rings boast detailed beauty and have an heirloom vibe. You can explore a range of mesmerising Art Deco and floral-inspired designs and find the perfect one for yourself.

Pear-Shaped Rings

Gemstones in a pear shape allow the ring to look infinitely more feminine and sophisticated. This ring style is predicted to be one of the top jewel trends in 2022. Diamonds cut in a pear shape look like the embodiment of grace and style. The graceful curves that are a defining element of this ring style enable the stone to brightly sparkle. The shape of the pear cut gemstone resembles a tear. In events like engagement, this shape signifies tears of joy. Moreover, it also makes the fingers of the wearer look slenderer and more elongated.

Yellow Gold Rings

For years, white gold has dominated as a prominent engagement ring setting of choice for the bride-to-be. However, in recent years, yellow gold has become a trend. Rings with yellow gold settings are a perfect choice for those who love this shade of jewellery. Such a ring effortlessly matches with engagement outfits. It facilitates women to mix and layer up their jewellery as they desire.

An engagement ring signifies a person’s lifelong commitment toward the other. In New Zealand, increasingly, couples are choosing to have their rings custom-made. While exploring them, it’s wise to pick a style that, apart from you, also appeals to your partner.

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