Which is the best and cheapest wifi in India?

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The home wifi is still one of the best ways for you to have a cost-effective and high-speed internet connection that you can rely upon for your day-to-day internet needs. The broadband connections available in India are provided by more than 350 Internet Service Providers or ISPs.

If you have been wondering about which broadband provider will offer the most value for your money, you can without a speck of doubt go for Airtel. Several factors make it one of the best value for money wifi providers in the country. The benefits of going for the broadband connection by Airtel can be listed below.

  • Budget-friendly plans – The Airtel broadband plans are available from the pocket-friendly starting point of INR 499. The plan is one of the best wifi plans that are available in the Indian broadband internet market, not due to its low price but due to the amazing value, it provides which are often seen with pricier plans of other broadband providers.
  • Excellent network stability – The Vfiber technology of Airtel provides extremely stable network speeds and very few maintenances and other issues causing downtime. It also means that if you want to upgrade your plan you do not need any physical changes to be made in your connection and therefore no need for a maintenance visit.
  • Unlimited High-speed Data –  The best part about the Airtel Unlimited broadband plan of INR 499 is that it comes with a speed of up to 40 Mbps which is sufficient for most home users. It also has a large FUP data limit of 500 GB and unlimited data which means that the customers are unlikely to experience any sluggishness in their internet connection in between the month.
  • Free Router – The free high-speed wifi router that is clubbed with all Airtel broadband plans makes it unnecessary for you to spend any more of your money on buying a new router. This is very helpful to the customers who are on a tight budget and want a high-speed router that also has auto troubleshooting through Airtel.
  • Free calls – The Airtel broadband connection comes with free STD and Local calls as well. All you need is a compatible landline phone and you will be able to make unlimited calls anywhere in the country.

These factors make Airtel one of the best ISPs in the country that can not only provide you with great value for your money. The Airtel broadband plans are available throughout the country and therefore no matter wherever you are, you can go for a broadband connection from Airtel.

If you are looking for a new Airtel wifi connection, all you need to do is head to the Airtel website, go on the Broadband tab and use the dropdown to choose the option Buy New Connection or View Plans.

Once you have chosen the plan and provided your details, the broadband installation team will get in touch with you on your mobile number and discuss a convenient time for the installation. Within a few days, you will be able to enjoy the unlimited entertainment options provided by Airtel.

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