6 Crucial things you should know before visiting a rugs store

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If you are visiting a rug store for buying a perfect area rug, there are certain essential things that you should know about. Perhaps buying a rug that genuinely meets your needs is not an easy task. Moreover, at rug stores, rug dealers will ask you about certain important things.

For instance, where you will place the rug or what kind of traffic you have in place. Because wool rugs are a perfect choice for bedrooms and sisal outdoors, rug providers at rug stores may also ask you about the desired colour, patterns and vibe. Either you want to add a warming effect or enjoy a more prominent look and all in between.

Let’s begin with the six most important factors you need to understand before visiting a rug store.

  1. Think about colours 
  2. Rug size is vital 
  3. Mixing different rugs 
  4. Same style and pattern in one room 
  5. Don’t forget about warmth 
  6. Consider rug material

Don’t spend too much time on colours. This is, in fact, a time wastage. This is not a natural process. Try thinking on a broader scale. If you are not finding one with the same colours, consider contrast. Trying too hard will end you in a simple look. One important idea is to start with rugs. While home redoing a project, buy a rug first, then add other elements. Indeed it will help you a lot. However, add a bold carpet with a subtle tone. 

A tribal rug is an ideal choice. It usually goes with everything in the room.no doubt, with time you can find a new colour. You can match walls, flooring, fabric and furnishings with the rug. Buying a versatile rug is a beautiful task. You can change the theme of your place over time. A carpet with multiple colours gives you a lot of choices. 

Consider lighter rugs tones as compared to darker ones. Dark colours make your space appear narrow and small. However, light colours will make your room appear broader and brighter. For a more comprehensive look, try adding a multi-colour rug.

  • Rug size is vital 

The first and foremost mistake people usually make buying the wrong rug size. Don’t buy a rug that is too small. Instead of small, purchasing a giant rug is a better idea. At the rug store, look for a rug that is larger than your furniture. Bigger rugs add a great appeal to your place. Remember, all rug sizes can work, but a too-small rug is just a wastage of resources. Consider a rug that can help in getting an actual image.

  • Mixing different rugs

Mixing different rugs is so easy. However, if the rug colour clashes with the floor, it will add a destructive impact. To create the best influence, try matching the rug with both floor and walls. Furthermore, it’s one of the best ideas to follow the same colour palette as compared to different. It’s not so overwhelming that you can use different styles and designs. Just be careful about the types. Choose a rug from rug stores that help you in catching the vibe. 

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  • Same style and pattern in one room 

Regardless of the entire space, you can add two same rugs in one room. Of Course, they will provide a great look. Transform the look as per your wish. Remember, Rugs with the same style and pattern can synchronize the space. They bring the room together. Floral, geometric , southwestern, all will work best.

 However, if you are planning to add the same rugs, try differentiating them based on colours. Don’t follow the copy-paste approach. For different places, try other auras so you can catch the vibe. Try creating a unique flair. However, in the end, it’s all about your choice.

  • Don’t forget about the warmth

 Area rugs serve as the essential detailing elements of your space. These rugs add not only warmth but also a unique finish. Moreover, they add an antique decoration element to your room. Area rugs add an excellent tone along with warmth. However, rugs also make the hard surfaces smooth. Always consider your interior embellishment so that you can get the maximum of your carpet.

  • Consider rug material 

Along with all the elements mentioned above, consider rug material as one of your top priorities. Perhaps, most common rug materials are wool and cotton. However, synthetic materials, including the nylon and viscose, are also not harmful. 

At rug stores, most people are confused about rug material. If you are buying a rug for the bedroom, then wool is a great choice. However, wool is an expensive material. As compared to nylon or viscose, you have to pay more. But a considerable alternative for silk is viscose. 

No doubt it gives you the same feel but with a different aura. If you are planning to buy oriental rugs, try to be clear about the grade. Generally, wool from other animals is extra. One that is coming from higher altitudes is more pleasing and thick. Keep in mind that healthy animals provide better quality as compared to week ones. 

Final purchase 

Besides the fabric colour, you can also bring the flooring chips or wall paint to coordinate the rug. No doubt it will get a perfect look. Before finalizing, review the photo album or top pins you have on your phone. Moreover, you can also create a personal album in which you have everything about your home.

 Here you can easily observe the paint, windows and interior furnishings. Indeed this is a perfect idea. Now you can carry your home with you. This process also reduces the risk of buying the wrong pieces. 

Unquestionably this is crucial nowadays because it prevents impulsive purchases. Along with all the other elements, note down the necessary measurement as well. Now you are ready to make a final purchase as you have all information in your pocket. 


Last but not least, don’t feel scared to ask many questions to rug dealers at rug stores. Buy an area that is a signature piece. A rug is an integral element that adds integrity to your place. Moreover, an ideal carpet adds beauty and sophistication simultaneously.

Furthermore, before visiting a rug store, take an idea from images and consider different colour palettes. Lastly, the more precise you are in your views, the better you can purchase a timeless rug.

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