Moving out of apartment

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If you move from the current apartment to a new one, you need to make sure that you have not forgotten anything. Few people want to return after the tedious move to the old Mitest, because they forgot some kind of thing or did not cancel the subscription to the service, especially in cases when the move was to another state. Therefore, let’s make an exhaustive list of cases that need to be completed before moving.

Organizational moments

The schedule that you draw up should include the tasks related to the move, and the terms of their implementation. Put strict deadlines, but leave a margin of time in case of force majeure.

Take care of transport: hire professional movers or rent a truck, depending on your preferences. Approve the moving date, moving time and appropriate details with a moving company or a truck rental service.

Provide a written notice of your intention to leave to your lessor, adhering to the conditions of your lease agreement. Check the availability of any specific requirements or procedures established by the lessor.

Inventory your things: unnecessary can be sold, the used ones, such as bathroom chemistry, should be thrown away. Dispose of dangerous materials responsibly.

Arrange your subscriptions

Update the addresses:

Move your mail through the mailing service to your new address.
Update your address with relevant institutions, including banks, subscriptions and official documents.

Plan a disconnection of services in your current apartment and connect in your new place. If applicable, renew such services as the Internet and cable to your new address. Cancel local services, such as newspaper subscriptions, membership in the gym, or cleaning services. 

Give notice to the suppliers of utilities about your departure date. Take the final readings of gas, water and electricity and enter the readings for reference and billing. Organize the final passage with the lessor or real estate manager to solve any problems and confirm the condition of the apartment.

Collect things

First of all, pack the box with important objects that you will need immediately in your new place (toiletries, a change of clothing, important documents, etc.). Important documents – lease agreements, contracts, passports, and documents related to movement – should be kept in a safe and easily accessible folder

Correctly dispose of or process any items that cannot be moved, such as old furniture or electronics. Disconnect and clean the devices such as a refrigerator, a slab and a washing machine. Pack and personally transport valuable items, important documents and sentimental things. Pack an emergency kit with important items, such as first aid supply and main tools.

Cleaning before leaving

Carefully clean the apartment, including floors, walls, devices and devices. Make the necessary repairs or inform about any problems of service to the lessor. Take photos or videos about the condition of the apartment before leaving. 

Return all the keys, production or devices to the landlord or real estate manager. Fold any specific return protocols for these elements. Install any outstanding accounts or fees with the lessor. Make sure that all financial obligations related to the apartment are decided.

Finally, inform the immediate neighbors about your departure date and exchange contact information, if necessary. Also, adjust this control list based on your specific circumstances and requirements.

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