A step-by-step guide to port SIM online

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Best Port SIM online step by step guide

 The Mobile Number Portability or MNP is a facility that allows a mobile subscriber to move his number in between networks. The entire MNP process is tightly regulated by the process outlined by TRAI or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

The best part about this process is that it is entirely free and you do not have to pay any extra money for moving your number, except for paying for the new SIM card from the new subscriber. This is necessary since once you switch to a different network you cannot continue using the same SIM card as earlier.

If you plan to move your number from your current operator to a different operator, you will have a lot of choices with plenty of network operators available in the country. If you are wondering how to port SIM to a different network, you should first check out if your number is eligible for porting under the TRAI specifications. The TRAI specifies the below eligibility criteria to evaluate if a Unique Porting Code or UPC can be issued.

  • All dues and outstanding bills of the number has been cleared off (only for postpaid connections)
  • 90 days or more have passed since the activation date of the number on the current network
  • There is no outstanding request of changing the ownership of the number
  • There is no order by the court of law prohibiting the porting
  • All contractual obligations of moving the number have been completed by the subscriber

Once all of these conditions have been met, the porting code for the number can be issued. Here is the process that will guide you on how to port SIMto a different network.

  • Send a message with the text “PORT<space>Mobile number” to the number 1900
  • You will receive a message from the number 1901 that will contain the Unique Porting Code
  • The next step involves sharing the porting code or UPC with the new service provider. For example, if you are porting your number to Airtel, you need to visit the Airtel website, head to the relevant section such as prepaid or postpaid, and choose the option “Port to Airtel”
  • The website would prompt you to provide details such as your name, mobile number, your location, and address
  • Based on the information provided by you, an Airtel Executive will visit you with the free SIM card and also collect your KYC documents such as ID and Address proof. You will also be asked to sign some forms as you move to Airtel
  • Your new Airtel SIM will be activated once your KYC documents have been successfully submitted to Airtel
  • Your Airtel SIM will become active and you can start enjoying the exclusive Airtel benefits

It is recommended by Airtel that you generate the porting code once the Airtel executive visits you instead so that there are minimum chances of your porting code expiring.

The entire process can be easily monitored through the Airtel Thanks App and you can login into the app using your mobile number and porting code. If you want, you also have the option of visiting the Airtel store to get your free SIM card and submit your UPC.

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