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Sharjah, a beautiful city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a rich heritage and culture, depicts true Emirati hospitality. Home to inspiring art galleries, vibrant souks, enlightening mosques and historic monuments, Sharjah is aptly a cultural capital of the Arab world.

But that’s not all!

Apart from being a tourist attraction that is generating immense profits and adding it to the annual GDP, it is also a sound investment opportunity and you should not miss it!

Investment and Vacation, They Go Hand-In-Hand

Sharjah is a single stop for tourists and investors. Here’s how!

The emirate offers sound investment options. There is a long list of properties that are present here. These include apartments, villas, townhouses and short-term rentals and one can invest according to their time and need.

These properties can be bought or rented and are available at the best prices. You can start by looking out for the apartments for rent in Sharjah and carry out a comparison between prospective options. While doing so, don’t forget the budgeting. Make sure it is reasonable and realistic!

Investment in Sharjah is not limited to the property sector alone. There is a wide array of sectors open for that. Possessing a location that is very central and connects the east with the west, one can invest in any business niche and wait for it to pay off. However, one important factor remains- your credible research! The stronger the research is, the powerful the investment decision will be!

Sharjah also provides an ideal cultural experience. It is a vacation spot for many and an investment ground for others. Famous places to visit in Sharjah include the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Sharjah Art Museum, Al Noor Mosque, Sharjah Aquarium, Al-Majaz Waterfront and much more. From casual dining, café and leisure options to cultural programs and events, development in this city is focused on friends and family.

That’s why Sharjah is attracting and housing more families every year now.

Location, Location and Location!

Yes, location is that much important. And Sharjah possesses it. It resides in such a prime location, which makes it accessible and convenient to travel to other countries by air and water routes. Being the only emirate in the UAE whose border is connected with all the other emirates with beaches on both sides of the Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf.

Sharjah’s location also benefits its tourism and investment industry. Tourists can come from all around the world and explore the cultural life of emirates. Alongside this, Sharjah also provides a golden investment opportunity for those wishing to invest in property.

Sharjah has witnessed a rise in investment, as more and more people are either migrating here and buying property ownership or simply making investments for greater return on investments.

Easier to Shift

It is not difficult to shift in Sharjah, rather it’s quite smooth and convenient if you are a citizen of any host country. These include Australia, UK, the USA, Canada and Ireland. Your 30-day visa can easily extend for another 30 days after which you will need a sponsor – a UAE citizen. For this, you will simply need to provide a copy of your passport and leave it to your sponsor while you work at a company here and settle down.

Sharjah has opened up various new horizons for work. People settle here to work in MNCs and earn more. Career development is promising here, with greater income levels and low taxes, thereby attracting people every year for job opportunities.

Finding a locality is the next step – but it’s not a difficult one. You can easily find a shared or an individual residence with a convenient local commute system to the commercial areas.

Residential locality

Residential areas of Sharjah possess all the basic and modern facilities of an ideal housing society. Equipped with all the resources like high-rise buildings, beautiful areas, commercial areas, playgrounds, community centres that cater to the needs of the people for a healthy living style.

These residential areas have houses, apartments, villas and townhouses in prime locations that will make commuting easier. You can choose to buy them or simply opt for a cost-effective route i.e apartments for sale in Sharjah. By investing in such properties, you will continue to earn greater ROIs, thereby contributing to your income.

Even for a tourist, Sharjah offers a wide variety of residential options. Based on one’s budget, location and commute, one can choose the best option.

Hence, Sharjah is a perfect amalgamation of the work-leisure duo, that can serve your work and vacation needs together. While the breadwinner chooses Sharjah for bright business opportunities, the family looks forward to the hospitality that Sharjah offers. It truly is your perfect spot!

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