Purifying Water And Its Extensive Health Benefits

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Water, a medicine at hand’s reach, is highly essential to stay hydrated all day. However, there is a well-defined difference between drinking water and pure water. Most people today pay attention to the eight glass myth. Some others solely rely on doctor’s recommendations relating to the quantity of water to consume per day. Though quantifying water is significant, drinking pure water is vital for enjoying the best results. Adopting water treatment has been a timeless way to get tap water filtered and purified, making it the safest.

What could be wrong with your tap water?

Until the late 1990s, Australian tap water was believed to be safe and potable. However, with growing chemical industries, the fear of water contamination grew, and now a water filter is essential. Australian tap water was being monitored merely for 70 chemicals to get tagged- safe to drink in the past. However, there are approximately 300 chemicals that can interfere with water, and they can be toxic!

Out of the range of chemicals, chlorine is intentionally added into Australian tap water to get rid of bacteria. But an increased chlorine level, say about 5mg per litre, can cause inflictions that include cancer. On the other hand, though your tap water has controlled chlorine levels, long-term consumption is highly hazardous.

A brief introduction on water treatment

Residential water purification techniques are versatile, and luckily, you can choose the type of water purifier you need based on factors like budget, contaminant level and installation. Household water/tap water that undergoes treatment procedures can get rid of chemicals, metals, dirt, pathogens; basically, all harmful impurities are removed safely.

Most filtration systems follow a habitual pattern as they start to filter out dirt specs and clogging impurities. They then get rid of organic wastes, pathogens, chemicals and metals subsequently. Out of the different treatment processes, reverse osmosis has been the most effective and budget-friendly system. Other options include UV sterilisation, filtration, distillation, etc.

Benefits of water purifying systems

Unlike the conventional tap monitoring system, most water purification plants can discard every possible chemical and metallic contamination. Here are some perks you can enjoy from installing a water treatment system at home.

1. Minimising the risks of water-borne disease occurrence

The annual incidence of water-borne disease outbreaks in Australia is 1.9% per 1000 facilities, says a report from 2020. WHO warns around 80% of the diseases are water-borne and, your regular tap water cannot assure you of a pathogen-free supply. On the flip side, water purifiers like RO or Ultraviolet systems consist of a UV light chamber to destroy bacteria and viruses before they come out of the filtration channel and are efficient in removing contaminants.

2. Drinking metal-free water

Heavy metals can easily penetrate groundwater levels via water seepage or run-off. Drinking water contaminated with heavy metals like Arsenic, Chromium, or Lead can cause severe health effects from organ damage to growth impairment and even death. For homes with kids, it becomes inevitable to have a check on heavy metals in their drinking water. However, some falsely believe that boiling is the ultimate way to remove such impurities. But in reality, water treatment is the only way to eliminate heavy metals.

3. Other benefits of pure water consumption

Drinking filtered, contaminant-free water is the only way to ensure you enjoy every benefit of drinking water regularly. Only clean water can assist in boosting metabolism and digestion, maintain the optimal body temperature, rejuvenate skin, lose weight or build muscles.

It is clear that water treatment is essential to ensure pure and safe drinking water. You can contact any service provider near you and get a water purification system installed right away.

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