Common Questions About Paint Protection Film

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Investing in paint protection for your cars is an essential step to keep them in top-notch condition. However, before you do that, you first need to know everything about the process. For instance, how much does it cost? What type of paint protection do you need? How do you care for it afterwards?

What are paint protection films?

Also known as a clear bra, a paint protection film is a clear or matte coating applied to your cars to prevent discolouration caused by contamination and UV radiation. It’s also known as a self-healing coating that can eradicate light scratches or swirl marks found on your car.

In other words, a protective coating is what keeps your cars looking brand new for about five to seven years, depending on the aftercare practices, driving conditions, and wear and tear.


How does it work?

It is essentially an invisible shield that works by absorbing the impact from small rocks, dust, and other materials. So, rather than your car receiving the direct hit, the shield does, thereby protecting the original condition of your car.


Where can it be applied?

A clear bra can be applied to any part of your car that you want to be protected from stains, scratches, and chips. You can request to have them installed on the hood, mirror backs, and bumpers to protect your car from tar, flying gravel, or bug damage.

Alternatively, you can also choose to have a clear bra professionally applied on door handles or simply doors in general to prevent key, belt, or purse scratches.

However, for the ultimate protection, you can opt to have this protective film applied to the whole of your car. After all, you can’t really predict which parts will be damaged.


How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the amount of coverage you desire. A front coverage, which includes the front hood, bumper, and mirror backs, cost $2,000 to $3,000. On the other hand, a full cover can range anywhere from $6,000 to $7,000.

How can you take care of it?

You also need to do your part in taking care of the paint protection film in order to get your money’s worth.

By following these steps, you can extend its lifespan and reap maximum benefits from the clear bra.

  1. Wash your car regularly

Many people assume that just because they have a protective layer installed that they can forego regular washing. On the contrary, a regular wash is necessary to keep the protective layer working efficiently.

  1. Don’t use a pressure washer on the edges where the film is applied

To avoid causing damage to your finish and keep the film intact, be sure to stay away from the edges where the film is applied. More specifically, keep your pressure washer about eight to 12 inches away from the edge.


  1. Immediately remove any dirt or debris from your car

Acidic contaminants such as bird droppings or bug splatter can damage the film and reduce its lifespan. As such, when these substances appear on your cars, be sure to wipe or wash them away.

Invest in Paint Protection Films

With this information, you know what you’re getting into when you invest in a paint protection film. As a result, you’re protecting your car’s quality and extending its lifespan so you can make the most of your vehicle.

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