Period Proof: The Perfect Underwear for Women

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A woman gets through a lot of periods in her whole lifetime. And if all the pads or tampons that she used are piled up, it will make a huge heap of mass. These pads are not only a threat to the environment but the personal hygiene of these women too. So, it is high time women should go for some healthy and eco-friendly choices.

Period underwear is the perfect alternative that helps women get through leakless periods without the guilt of contributing to environmental pollution. So, let us look at the types of menstrual underwear available on the market and the extra features.


They come in a variety of styles. So, decide on the style suitable for one’s body or requirements and shop for a perfect one. They are available in mainly three models: full brief, midi brief, and bikini type. Also, there are four-layered and seven-layered undies available.


Four-Layered Undies

  1. Cotton Lining: This soft lining provides comfort for most sensitive skin types.
  2. Odour Control: Neutralises smell and keeps one feeling fresh.
  3. Absorbent Layers: Provides maximum leak protection.
  4. Waterproof Layer: Prevents awkward accidents during periods.

The seven-layered undies have an extra absorbent layer and moisture-wicking double layers. The extra absorbent layer offers more excellent leak protection, and the other two layers absorb the moisture, thus keeping one feeling dry and infection-free.


By using period underwear, one can save nature, money and keep their body hygienic during that hard time. So, now let’s look at these advantages in detail:


With period undies, one can do away with usual sanitary pads, thus making themselves feel at ease during the periods. Some sanitary napkins are uncomfortable as they slide and cause leakage or they bunch up. Besides, they can be bulky, annoying, and unnatural. Meanwhile, using tampons for the last few days will be painful, whereas menstrual underwear is soft and stretchy and makes periods something one can easily deal with. In addition to that, there is no need to worry about leakage as period undies offer maximum absorbency. The stretchy material and elastic trim place them intact and also help to prevent leakage.

Also, if one is to switch to menstrual undies, there is no need to stock the sanitary products. It is enough to shop for the underwear once, as that single undie can easily sort out the unexpected situations. Dealing with the disposal of the pads is something women do not feel comfortable doing during the periods. So, to do away with that headache, underwear is the best option.


It is a very environmentally friendly option to switch on to. One can wash and reuse this underwear about 250 times, creating minimum wastage. Think of the number of pads and tampons single menstrual underwear can replace. Many disposable sanitary napkins contain plastic and some nasty chemicals that can cause health issues on people who use it and they become a danger to the environment when it is finally disposed of.


Getting period underwear is a very economical alternative to traditional sanitary products. As periods can start at any time, one has to stock the pads and tampons. Besides, for women with longer periods, this is not at all an economical option. So, it is ideal if you switch to menstrual underwear not only because it is comfortable and eco-friendly but to save money also.

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Regularly Can Improve Your Period Cycle

The comes about of a think about distributed in 2013 appeared that drinking 0.53 oz (15 ml) of apple cider vinegar every day may reestablish ovulatory feminine cycle in ladies with PCOS. More investigate is required to approve these comes about, as this specific ponder included as it were seven members (28Trusted Source). Apple cider vinegar may moreover assist you lose weight, and lower blood sugar and affront levels (29Trusted Source, 30Trusted Source). Apple cider encompasses a biting taste, which may be troublesome for a few individuals to expendOn the off chance that you need to undertake taking it but have a difficult time with the flavor, you’ll be able attempt weakening it with water and including a tablespoon of honey.

Work out regularly 

Exercise has numerous wellbeing benefits that can offer assistance your periods. It can assist you reach or keep up a sound weight and is commonly suggested as portion of a treatment arrange for polycystic ovary disorder (PCOS). PCOS can cause menstrual irregularity. Results from a later clinical trial appeared that work out can viably treat essential dysmenorrhea. Seventy college understudies with primary dysmenorrhea taken an interest within the trial. The mediation gather performed 30 minutes of high-impact work out, 3 times a week, for 8 weeks. At the conclusion of the trial, the ladies who performed the works out detailed less torment related with their menstrual periods (9).

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