How to protect your applications in real-time?

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How to protect your applications in real-time?


Normally all the applications are operating into the whole world of the cluttered, fragmented and complex environment of the computers and the networks. Hence, this particular concept leads to a lot of fragmentation of the applications which ultimately makes them very much prone to different kinds of security threats. But the implementation of the concept of runtime application self-protection is considered to be one of the most important aspects to be undertaken into work by the organisations so that the overall goals of protecting the applications very well are achieved.

This is considered to be one of the best possible ways of protecting the applications in real time because this concept works very well and is very much successful in proactively hunting for malware in terms of incoming traffic so that fraudulent calls are always protected from executed inside the application.


The runtime application self-protection is considered to be an innovative method in the world of application-based security ecosystem so that it can be very well equipped with the dealing of runtime attacks and ultimately helps in providing a higher level of visibility into the hidden vulnerabilities. This is considered to be one of the most important aspects that ultimately help in terms of integrating with the application in its runtime and constantly allows it to intercept the calls to check the security systems.


The best benefit of the implementation of this concept is that it will never wait for any kinds of threats to happen and impact the application rather it will be very much successful in proactively hunting for the application. Whenever the organisations will implement this particular solution they will be neutralising the known vulnerabilities and will be protecting the applications against zero-day attacks very well without any kind of human beings and their intervention. Hence, this particular concept is very much successful to deal with traditional security approaches and ensure that blocking of the suspected traffic has been perfectly carried out.


This particular concept is very much preferable by the organisations in comparison to the traditional systems because the traditional system was very much time-consuming and was based upon inspecting the incoming HTTP traffic depending upon the abnormal usage patterns. Hence, everything was highly ineffective and led to different kinds of issues for concerned people. But the implementation of the concept of runtime application self-protection is very much successful in integrating the applications and initiating different kinds of measures to block them. The integration also helps in providing the very least impact on the overall performance of the application which makes this particular concept a must to have one for the organisations.


The runtime application self-protection layer will always sit side-by-side in the application and will always be very much successful in terms of implementing the application code and monitoring the incoming traffic to the server. The API of the application will be very much successful in detecting the factors and will also secure the application from different kinds of malpractices very well.

This particular concept will also be based upon the runtime application self-protection layer that has been sitting between the whole set of application and the server to ensure there is no adverse impact on the overall performance of the application. Another ad on advantage with the whole process is that with the emergence of cloud computing systems this concept has become very much successful because there will be a high level of integration into the frameworks and programming code will be perfectly implemented.

Hence, the runtime application self-protection now has different kinds of the most powerful capabilities which are not only successful in terms of detecting the threats but also helps in taking the best possible actions to counteract all these kinds of damages and ensure that all these rights are dealt with most efficiently and effectively. Hence, with the help of these kinds of things, the proximity of the whole process can be dealt with perfectly.


Following are the very basic implementation advantages of deploying the runtime application self-protection systems:


  1. This concept is considered to be very much cost-friendly and is highly capable of providing the best possible and the top-notch value for money in comparison to other traditional systems.
  2. This concept is highly specified whereas the traditional systems were very much generic which is the main reason that this particular concept is very much successful in handling the whole concept of the application security with a higher level of preciseness and always helps in making sure that false positives will be limited to a bare minimum which will further help in providing the best possible components of security solutions.
  3. Everything is based upon the robust security framework and always makes sure that monitoring of the applications will be perfectly carried out. This particular concept will always make sure that reverse engineering, constant monitoring and addressing of the loopholes will be undertaken very well and there will be no issue in the whole process because maximum returns can be easily gained out.
  4. This particular concept is very much successful in keeping in proper line with the whole continuous integration and continues delivery and always ensures that systems are very much scalable along with a source of attack so that origination of the web services have been undertaken perfectly and everything operates in a very ever-changing environment.
  5. Penetration testing is considered to be one of the most important techniques that can be perfectly implemented in proper combination with the right time application self-protection systems so that there is a high level of visibility of information. The best one is that – both of these two systems can be very well combined in all the sections that have already been tested so that exact lines of codes and security vulnerabilities can be dealt with perfectly depending on the business-critical processes.


Hence, the whole comprehensive concept of renting application self-protection always helps in making sure that organisations will be achieving top-notch quality performance through the consumption of minimal resources and the performance latency will be dealt with perfectly under the acceptable ranges. Hence, there will be a very minimal impact on the overall performance of the application.


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