Butterfly tattoo

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In general, insects have been seen as creepy crawlies that many people are uncomfortable around. For butterflies, however, the situation is different. Lepidoptera is the order of insects that includes butterflies and moths. Birds that fly with fluttering patterns and brightly colored wings are known as butterfly species.

Butterfly Tattoo Ideas And The Recent Design Trends 

I wasn’t entirely sold on butterfly tattoos until recently. It’s partly because of how they look (I never wanted a huge, brightly colored blob on my body), but mostly because of how popular they’ve become in the past decade (does original even exist anymore?).

Let this collection of fun, minimalist butterfly tattoo designs give you ideas for your next design if you’re wanting a butterfly tattoo. Your friends are going to love your new tattoos. Snap one, send it to them, and get ready for a fresh look.

There are typically four distinct stages in a butterfly’s life: egg, caterpillar larvae, pupae and an adult butterfly. In the United States, there are about 750 different species of butterflies. There are approximately 17,500 types of butterflies worldwide.

The Painted Lady is the most common butterfly, which can be found in all temperate climates. Schaus swallowtails are one of the rarest species of butterflies, and they are found in southern Florida.

Monarch butterflies are among the most celebrated butterfly species. The orange, black and white patterning on these butterflies can be recognized across North America.

The birds migrate southward every year during late summer and early autumn, and are often noted for their migration pattern. During this period, butterflies travel mainly between Minnesota and Florida (and possibly parts of southern Canada). In the United States, the monarch butterfly represents Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia.

Tiny Butterfly Tattoo

At the moment, small tattoo designs are among the most popular. This is a pretty and subtle tattoo that you can put anywhere on your body. There is a wide selection of tattoos available for your face, behind your ear, and on your lower arm.

Simple Butterfly

Designs that are clean and simple last a long time and are appealing to everyone. The style that represents its meaning should reflect this freedom and beauty, wouldn’t you think? Make the black ink the hero. Leave the wings blank. You can make this large or small and dainty – the choice is yours.

Monarch Butterfly

Beauty and royalty are symbolized by the Monarch butterfly. You are sure to receive plenty of compliments when wearing this classic design. A bouquet in place of one of the wings adds a modern twist to the traditional gold wings. Make sure the artist you select has experience creating detailed artwork – it’s the details that count with this piece.

Check out this gallery of cool beautiful butterfly tattoos to honor all you butterfly fans out there. Feel free to share your favorite tattoo from the bunch in the comments section on social media.

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