What is ECU Remapping?

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If you own a turbo diesel vehicle, you have probably heard the term ‘ECU remapping’ before. Simple but effective, ECU remapping or tuning can be an affordable and effective way to improve the performance of your diesel engine.

Today, where cars are mass produced, vehicle manufacturers have to ensure their vehicles are suitable for just about any type of driver, anywhere. They have no idea where or how their cars may be driven, so they apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the performance of their cars. This is where ECU tuning comes in. 

Not sure what ECU remapping is? Find out more below…

What is an ECU?

An ECU, or Engine Control Unit, is a small but important electrical box component within your car’s engine. It controls a variety of functions, such as coolant temperatures, engine speed, and exhaust oxygen content. An ECU is responsible for monitoring the vehicle’s operation and optimises its performance according to preset ‘maps’ developed and installed by the manufacturer. 

By constantly monitoring the air and throttle input, the intake, coolant temperatures, and many other inputs, the ECU will adjust to get the performance results its programmed to. This is why ECU remapping is so effective. 

Understanding ECU Tuning

ECU remapping is adjusting the parameters set by the manufacturer to get your desired results. If that is more power, better fuel economy or engine efficiency, ECU remapping is the way to achieve this. 

ECU tuning can be done with no other modifications, because when manufacturers set up their ECUs, they account for a huge amount of variation in the operating environment. A common reason for there being untapped power and performance in stock diesel engines is that manufacturers de-tune the engine to less than what they are capable of for the sake of longevity. They apply factory standard settings to suit a variety of environments and factors.

Can All Vehicles Get ECU Remapping? 

Unfortunately, while you can tune just about any vehicle’s ECU, certain types of engines may see greater benefit from ECU remapping alone than others. 

Vehicles which are not naturally aspirated, or which are turbo-charged or super-charged, are ideal to provide ECU remapping for. This is because the larger and more powerful engines provide the greatest difference when they receive performance enhancements. Naturally aspirated, small engines may only receive minimal performance increases.

What are the Benefits of ECU Tuning?

Remapping the engine’s control unit offers far more benefit than simply seeing increases in power. Tuning your ECU allows you to change many parameters of the engine and its components, providing:

  • Increases in torque and power
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Improved drivability and comfort
  • Greater dynamics and maneuverability of the car 

Where Can You Get ECU Remapping?

When it comes to enhancing the performance of your diesel engine, there are a number of important factors to keep in mind: safety, reliability, cost, and most importantly, effectiveness. This is why you should only have ECU remapping done by trained, experienced professionals – like Just Autos!

Just Autos is a team of diesel performance enhancement specialists who are qualified to provide ECU remapping services, and much more. For all your diesel requirements, contact their team today!

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