Vinyl flooring vs hardwood flooring: What you should buy at the flooring store

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No doubt. There are many flooring options in the flooring store. It is no wonder that you can buy anyone. But, buying the right floor is still a tough task. For instance, if you have to make a choice between hardwood or vinyl flooring, you need to know certain things.

 However, if you properly weigh the pros and cons of any floor, it would be easy to buy. For instance, hardwood is a highly durable and natural material. Yet it is quite expensive. On the other hand, luxury vinyl plank flooring is cheap, durable but a synthetic material. 

Hardwood floors are beautiful, have good aesthetics, and a good release value. As compared to hardwood, vinyl flooring has no resale value. Indeed they don’t add value to the property.  But, vinyl has many other benefits. For example, vinyl is easy to clean, has good moisture resistance, and is soundproof as well. 

Comparison of hardwood vs vinyl flooring 

FeatureHardwood FlooringVinyl Plank Flooring
Durability  No doubt durability depends on various factors. For example, it mainly depends on the wood finish, type of wood, and paint.  Moreover, hardwood is not a good choice.  It is not an acceptable option for the basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. Vinyl floors are highly durable. But, these floors are not deal with heavy elements. These floors are susceptible to dents and scratches.
CostGenerally, the hardness of the hardwood determines the cost. Harder the wood, the more costly it is. Moreover,  this flooring is not a good DIY project.  This flooring needs a high installation cost. However, the cost is between $8 to $15 per square foot. Vinyl floors are highly affordable. These floors lie between $2 – $7 per square foot. Moreover, these floors do not need any professional help. This is a truly DIY project. 
InstallationHardwood is difficult to place. These floors are not ebaying to install. Sometimes, it’s quite hectic. However today most of the hardwood floors come in precise forms. These floors simply follow the tongue and groove method. So, in terms of installation, homeowners usually underrate this flooring. Experts in a flooring store always mention that vinyl floors come in various types. For instance, vinyl tiles follow a peel and stick installation. On the other hand, sheet vinyl is installed with the help of glue. So it is easy to install as compared to other floors.
Resale valueHomes with hardwood flooring have a good release value. Indeed double the real amount. So hardwood homes have an excellent value in real estate. Vinyl floors do not add value to your homes. Infant, they are not worthwhile in real estate. 
CompositionCrafted from real solid woods with natural grains and shades ranging from light browns to neutral greys and rich reddish bronzes, it comes in a number of different-sized cuts. The most common hardwoods used are oak and maple.Single textured/stylized sheet of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin with dies, textures, rubberizing plastics, and stabilizers.
MaterialWood, and timber mostly from the forests. This is a manmade material derived from petroleum. 
RepairYou can repair hardwood by sanding and waxing.   Vinyl floors are not easy to repair. However, you can replace the floor with a piece of the same design as a whole. 
SourceThese floors are derived from natural trees.These are man-made or synthetic floors.
UpkeepHardwood is not easy to clean. In fact, these floors need extensive upkeep. To make the floor look better, immediately clean the spills. Do not allow the floor to get moist. These floors are a perfect choice for busy areas. Moreover, they do not need any extensive upkeep. Just mopping and sweeping will work. These are easy to maintain floors. 
Moisture resistanceHardwood is not a good choice for moist areas. You cannot use this flooring in bathrooms and kitchens. Mostly it is prone to fading and warping. So, this is not a wise choice for busy areas. These floors are good to deal with moisture. You can use vinyl flooring in bathrooms and kitchens fearlessly. They are almost impervious to water.
Environmental ConsiderationsHardwood floors are healthy for the environment. because these floors are derived from pure resources.  However, don’t buy the hardwood from unknown sources. Try to make sure that you are buying the floor from certified resources. In most cases, vinyl floors release chlorine and other toxic gases. They also contain and release phthalates.  However, these floors are recyclable. 
RestorationHardwood is easy to restore. These floors are elegant as well as look amazing. These floors are not restorable. Once they get damaged they cannot be able to maintain their real look.
Prone to damageHardwood floors are sensitive to moisture. These floors are usually not adaptable to all environments. and how they have good aesthetics. Vinyl floors are not safe. These floors are prone to get damaged. Mostly develop cuts and tears. 
ThicknessThe thickness of hardwood mainly varies with the wood type. However, typically the hardwood thickness varies between 0.75-6 inches. Vinyl floors are usually not so thick. Moreover, thickness is not an important aspect of vinyl. However, the width is 1.55mm to 5mm.

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Now, you can easily buy the flooring of your choice. No doubt, some advantages of hardwood take the superiority over the vinyl and vice versa. Read the post till the end unless you get satisfied with one. Buy the one that seems best to you in the flooring store.

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