Use These Refreshing Living Room Décor Ideas in You Next Renovation Plan

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Are you bored with your current living room décor and desperately want to upgrade it? If you have the urge to remove everything and rearrange it from scratch, we recommend that you wait, take a deep breath, and first give your living room a good nice look. Redesigning your living room need not be a costly affair, with simple refreshing ideas you can beat your renovation woes like a pro. Let’s take a sneak peek at them.


1. Layering is the New Trend: Interior designers have recognized this new trend of layering the rugs as a good way to create a unique living room look. For this, all you need is to have 2-3 different kinds and sizes of rugs. So you begin with the first base rug which is bigger for obvious reasons, preferably made of jute or cotton in solid colors of grey, white, beige. Top it with an additional rug that’s smaller, vibrant in color with a soft texture like that of a Persian rug. Don’t be shy to go bold with the colors of the rug, pick something that’s in contrast to your interior walls to attain a striking look.


2. Add A Pouf Or Side Table: We are sure your living room has all the essential furniture already like the sofa set, coffee table, TV stand design to hold your entertainment unit. But you still feel something is missing? Consider including a couple of modern poufs to fill in those empty spaces. Adding a side tea table that can hold an exquisite vase with fresh flowers is also very impressive.


3. Give a Personal Touch: Maybe it’s the personal touch that’s lacking in your living room. If you have traveled extensively then it’s a good idea to frame all your goofy fun-filled travel family pictures or if you have children you can also frame their precious artwork. Create a gallery of these pictures on one of the walls to add warmth to the house.


4. Bring Nature into Your Living Room: If you instantly want to induce a breath of fresh air in your living room, then bring in some greenery into space. Adding bright green plants is a great way to add the right pop of color, especially if you have a living room with neutral shades on the walls.


5. Hang Artwork: Hanging one big piece of artwork onto the wall that’s right opposite the living room entrance is like creating a much-needed focal point for your room. Another technique that’s trending in the world of interior designing is to hang up a rug on your wall. Yes, you read that right. For this you need to be careful about the material of the rug you choose, if done right it’s the most creative embellishment to your otherwise plain walls.

Whatever you decide for your living room, remember to add enough lighting to your space and have loads of fun while you are at it. Enjoy the whole process of renovating the place and do it with a happy heart and smiling face.

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