How To Make A Balcony Garden

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In an urban setup, most if the people own a space that does not have a garden area but definitely has balconies. Well, if you are willing to add a touch of nature to your outdoor space, you can make a good use of your balcony. Balcony garden is not only a trend these days but also a popular choice among most of the people.a balcony garden can arouse admiration if you decorate it the right way and also add style and elegance to your exteriors.

The way you can decorate your balcony, the possibilities are endless and it entirely depends on you how you wish to remodel your space. You can opt for flowering plants and arrange for some with online flower delivery in Pune or also opt for edible plants that can be used in the kitchen, it is completely up to you. Here are some useful tips and tricks that you must keep in mind while planning to revamp your balcony into a beautiful balcony garden. 

Know The Type Of Balcony: Before even starting to decorate your balcony with flowers and plants, it is important for you to determine the type of balcony you have and plan things according. Here are the major types of balconies one can have and ideas to revamp them accordingly.

  1. East and West Facing Balcony: Many types of plants grow well in an east and west facing balcony. You can go for ornamental species, some vegetable plants, fruits and also herbs. However, in this type of balcony, you ought to protect the perennial plants growing in large containers carefully as strong and easterly  winds can cause a lot of damage.
  2. North and South Facing Balcony: This type of balcony generally remains shady throughout the day and therefore sun-living plants cannot grow well here. However, the south facing balcony remains sunny all the time and therefore avoids growing shady plants in this balcony.

Know The Size Of Your Balcony: Before starting to decorate your balcony, it is important to determine the size of your balcony and measure it out thoroughly. This will also help you decide how many plants and what kind of furniture can you bring into the balcony to make it look appealing and comfortable at the same time. Also, mark out the corners and decide how you wish to fill that space so that it rhymes well with the garden and also enhances the beauty of the balcony.

Determine The Amount Of Sunlight: It is essential for you to know for how many hours does your balcony receive sunlight and know whether you have a shady balcony or a sunny one. This will not only help you shortlist the type of plants that you will be able to grow in your balcony but also help you analyse them well. There are majorly two types of balconies:

  1. Shady Balcony: If you have a shady balcony, you ought to choose all the plants very carefully. Research for what grows best in low sunlight or you can also look online and order shade loving plants.
  2. Sunny Balcony: It is easier to  maintain a sunny balcony than a shady one for almost all the plants love sun including geraniums, verbena, and also flowering plants like roses. However, you cannot consider growing shade loving plants in this balcony.

Rethink The Type Of Planters: Containers used in the balcony for growing plants should not only be practical but also decorative ones. Also, the planters must have enough holes in the bottom to allow sufficient drainage of water. Freestanding pots and planters generally made of ceramics and clay are stable and protect the plants from falling over. You can also use containers that can be mounted or fixed on the windows and railings and must be of lightweight material and generally made of plastic.

Unlock The Vertical Space: Using the vertical space of your balcony can surely double up the gardening area. Vertical gardening has a lot of potential since it not only saves space but also adds a statement to your exteriors. You can bring pot holders that hold plants vertically or can also make yourself one by using pallets.

Furniture On The Balcony: Furniture takes a lot of space on the balcony and therefore it is necessary to choose the right type of furniture. Ensure that the furniture you opt for in your balcony garden must be foldable and lightweight so that it can be moved quickly. If you have a sunny balcony, you can go for bright coloured furniture as they heat up slowly. However, ensure that the colours match up the balcony and garden’s theme as well as plants.

These simple yet essential steps will ensure that you get a balcony garden as you desired. Take care of each of these things and ensure that you take the right decision from selecting the furniture to the type of plants to make your balcony garden look stunning.

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