Converting PDF File to Excel Form Straightforwardly Using PDFBear

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Most of the professionals and students of today’s generation are now familiar with converting their files to PDF may it be a Word document or Excel document. But was there any instance that you were asked by your teacher or by your supervisor or colleague to have your PDF file be converted to its Excel format just so there are some irregularities on your excel document that you need to edit or update? Did you ever ask yourself, “Is that even possible?” And then you try your luck and try to look it up over the internet and there are a lot of options but you do not know which of the online tools are safe and free.

Worry no more, in this article, PDFBEar will be the answer to your question. And yes, converting your PDF to its Excel format is very much possible with PDFBear. As you go through this article, you will no longer waste your time looking for an online tool that can help you with your PDF files.


Is It Easy to Convert PDF Files To Its Excel Format?

Years ago, converting files to its PDF format and vice versa was not easy. Not everyone gets to do it because some would even revert to buying software just so they can convert their files at their own pace. But, in today’s generation, everything can be found on the internet. So, you get to type in your queries on your browser and find the answer as quickly as you can. That’s how it is with PDFBear, it makes things easier for you without any complications for as long as you follow the four uncomplicated and straightforward instructions which you can find on its website.

PDFBear can assure you that when you use pdf to excel converter, it will not be so hard and at the same time, you won’t be needing any paid software just so you can accomplish the conversion process. You can start enjoying it by typing PDFBear on your browsers and click on the link related to PDFBear. On its homepage, you will see the ‘All Tools’ option on the upper left part of the screen, click the drop-down button and then, under the ‘Convert From PDF’ option, choose the ‘PDF to Excel’ button.

Four Straightforward Steps in Converting your PDF file to Excel Format:

  1.   On its homepage, you will see the ‘All Tools’ option on the upper left part of the screen, click the drop-down button and then, under the ‘Convert From PDF’ option, choose the ‘PDF to Excel’ button. Now, you will see that blue box on the screen with the ‘Select File’ option. You can select that option to choose your PDF file that needs to be converted. Or you can also choose another quick option, the drag and drop technique where you will drag your chosen PDF file and then drop it in the conversion box.
  2.   Next, PDFBear will start converting your chosen PDF file to its Excel format which would only take about a couple of minutes.
  3.   Then, all set. The conversion process is complete and you can now download your converted Excel file to your chosen device, either on your smartphone or on your desktop or laptop.
  4.   As part of the process and one of the most important parts too. In exactly 60 minutes, your downloaded file will now be deleted on PDFBear’s system.

That’s how easy converting your PDF file to its Excel format is, with no hassle, no paid software and no complicated instructions. So, once you have the converted Excel file, time to do the edit the discrepancies that you encountered and if you need to convert your Excel file to its PDF format again, just choose the Excel to PDF option in the tools list and it will give you another set of easy instructions. But just a reminder and tip too, make sure that before you start the entire conversion process, stay in a place where you have a stable internet connection to avoid any delays. For as long as you have a stable internet connection, rest assured that the entire conversion process will take you about a couple of minutes to complete. Try it now and see for yourself.


Will Converting Your PDF File to Its Excel Format Damage Your Original File?

PDFBear’s system will not destroy your original file and that’s how seamless their entire process is. All the other things that come with the PDF like its formulas, tables and data will look the same in the converted Excel spreadsheet. Even the fonts, font color and format will be retained. The PDF to Excel Converter has this new technology called OCR or known as Optical Character Recognition. How does it work? Now, Optical Character Recognition technology can analyze the text from the uploaded PDF file and then what it does is converts the text from the image into text that you can simply edit on your chosen device.

Now, there are two main reasons why people are using OCR: first for repurposing documents and second for archiving documents. Now, with regards to this topic of converting PDF files to Excel, the OCR is for repurposing documents. Thanks to PDFBear which also acquired this OCR technology which allows its users to be able to get a converted Excel file that doesn’t ruin their original file.



PDFBear is always updated with technology especially with regards to documents that need to be converted. Not only that, you can simply say that PDFBear has it all for you, it can process the conversion process in no time, it can save you time. Just imagine that if PDFBear’s PDF to Excel Converter doesn’t exist and then you have a lot of PDF documents that need to be converted to Excel format, you have to copy the entire PDF file and then paste it to Excel. In addition to that, with PDFBear state-of-the-art security with files, rest assured that your uploaded and converted files are treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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