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In the blink of an eye, halfway through 2021, the fashion trend has quietly moved towards autumn and winter. Today, let’s take stock of the most popular product lines in the jewelry industry in the second half of 2021.

In the spring and summer of this year, in terms of holiday trends, jewelry styles are splendid. Among them, the ethnic style with turquoise and silver is really popular. Floral elements also shine in spring and summer. The mellow three-dimensional sense and the simulated visual sense of real flowers are Extremely prominent. With the warm-up of major brands this autumn and winter, various popular elements have gradually emerged. The dark chain has become an important selling point of silver jewelry. Retro pirate style and palace style are also common. Then let’s summarize the autumn and winter of 2021. The details of the product line recruited by the popular jewelry FondMart website:

1. Tough cuffs & cool arm-shaped jewelry

The summer heatwave cannot affect our wanton dressing up. The trend of cuff & arm decoration will continue to sweep the future. The minimalist style and sculptural sense ensure that you can only wear it on one side. The cool decoration is the finishing touch in summer. The function of the pen, whether it is metal or leather, becomes the perfect accessory to wear.

Material representative: metal, leather, transparent acrylic

Matching price band: about 10 dollars per piece

Cool arm-shaped jewelry

2. Exaggerated model decoration & large metal chain jewelry

Earrings, XXL metal chains, no matter day or night, exude a golden sun-like existence. Large viewing angle chains or engraved earrings are innocently brushed on the neck following the rhythm of the wearer’s footsteps. Suspiciously sexy.

Material representative: metal

Matching price band: 10-15 US dollars per piece

Large metal chain jewelry

Three, bag lock type jewelry

It has been popular in major shows for three seasons. The miniature jewelry bag attracts the public with its smallness and cuteness. Whenever the bag or lock design is directly used on earrings and necklaces, it is bright and eye-catching.

Material representative: metal, leather, fabric, acrylic

Matching price band: about 10 dollars per piece

Bag lock type jewelry

Fourth, wear jewelry in layers

From amulet necklaces to lucky stones, a large number of stacked necklaces invisibly increase the charm of the wearer. The stacking of jewelry combined with chains, pearls, and other accessories will have different flavors. Different people and different needs create the most complete ecology in the market.

Material representative: metal, pearl, rough stone

Matching price band: about 10 dollars per piece

Layered jewelry

3. Rhinestone inlaid tassel-shaped jewelry

The sparkling fashion sense, from pendant necklaces to tassel earrings, is the best choice for elegant evening wear. If you match this element with casual items, it will bring an unexpected sense of luxury.

Material representatives: zircon, crystal, 925 silver

Matching price band: about 10-15 dollars per piece

Style reference:

Rhinestone inlaid tassel-shaped jewelry

4. Special-shaped pearls & shell-shaped jewelry

Pearl, a kind of jewelry that is filled with retro materials and is synonymous with elegance. Timeless decorations and classic designs will be made of pearls, and button earrings and necklaces and bracelets will be more refined and gorgeous by the destruction of pearls.

Material representative: pearl, 925 silver, 14k gold

Matching price band: about 10-15 dollars per piece

Women’s clothing wholesale is the main event in the clothing industry classification. In recent years, with the diversification of global women’s clothing brands and styles and the improvement of women’s social status, the development of fashionable women’s clothing has been promoted. The size of the women’s clothing market has continued to grow and the market prospects are broad.

At present, women’s clothing products, both at home and abroad, have gradually developed into the TOP industry of major e-commerce platforms. Based on the diversification of women’s clothing styles and frequent updates of the industry characteristics, sellers selling women’s clothing need to have many new products on the shelves every month, Merchants should make preparations for production and stocking in advance.

As a secondary category, the women’s clothing category belongs to the clothing industry, with sales accounting for 25%, and 16 product lines, of which coats, dresses, tops, sweaters, sports suits TOP5 product lines account for more than 70%

Buyers of the women’s clothing industry are concentrated in Europe and the United States. Most of the buyers who buy women’s clothing are non-American whites. The black purchasing group is more concentrated. When choosing products, sellers should consider the body characteristics and dressing style of black buyers. Women’s outerwear is the product line with the highest proportion of sales in the women’s clothing industry, accounting for 20%, and the increase in 2019 is more than 70%. The seasonal low and peak seasons are obvious throughout the year, and Q4 will usher in the peak sales of outerwear products.

Ladies’ outerwear takes short jackets and down jackets as the mainstream trends. These two types of outerwear account for 70% of the total. At the same time, the demand for long windbreakers, woolen coats, furs and leather garments is gradually increasing, and clothing categories are affected by fashion trends. Large, fashion hot spots can drive styles to sell well every time. Sellers need to keep up with overseas fashion trends and enrich SKUs. The recent overseas trends of outerwear are as follows. The majority of sellers should not ignore them. They need to update SKU styles as soon as possible to gain exposure to traffic.

At present, the best-selling outerwear styles are roughly divided into the following categories:

Short cotton down jacket

Long cotton down jacket

Leather jacket

Fur, leather, and fur

This type of clothing can be purchased on the FondMart platform, which is a fashionable clothing wholesale platform that will bring you the best sales

Wholesale large size sleepwear is made of different fabrics and materials. Although velvet is rich and luxurious, it is also quite bulky and suitable for long gowns. For sloppy and sexy, lace and mesh large size underwear wholesale is your best option. Kindly pick a style made of transparent glossy silk or smooth silk. Cotton underwear is best worn as underwear. In the event that you need a delicate, light, and hot style.

Pick a hazier blend of forest green and earth tones, which gives you a calm and strange inclination. The low-immersion green is the most un-fussy, and the mix of the earth tone has a sort of retro and fresh feeling. The large area of earth color look is decorated with a small area of green, which adds a sense of freshness to the dull autumn and winter dress.

The mix of earth tone and yellow can best wear a fashionable and rich feeling. Especially light yellow or bright yellow, with different shades of earth tones, full of the bright and sunny atmosphere of the autumn sun.

At the point when you purchase sportswear wholesale from, you can exploit modest costs. Assuming you run a direct sales company or a physical store, this can assist you with helping your net revenues. Discover a stunning assortment of women’s sportswear wholesale stores that feature the most up-to-date designs. Wholesale women’s sports films, wholesale women’s sports skirts, wholesale women’s sports bras, wholesale women’s sports covers, wholesale women’s sports pants, and wholesale women’s suits are among the items available.

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