Why take Oracle Training Online?

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What is Oracle?

Oracle is a powerful relational database software developed by “Larry Ellison” and his friend “Bob Miner” and “ED Oats” in the year 1977 at the software development lab (SDL).

A quick overview of Oracle’s History!

  • In 1979 Relational software Inc. (RSI) developed Oracle V2 which supports SQL language
  • In 1982 RSI’s name was changed to “Oracle Corporation”
  • In 1983 Oracle’s V3 version was developed using the C language
  • In 1984 oracle v4 was developed followed by Oracle V5 in 1985 and so on.
  • Currently, the latest version that is launched by Oracle corporation is Oracle 21(c) in 2021

Why you should learn Oracle Online:

  • Oracle is the most demanded course in Relational Database with a 48.35% market share
  • It is among the high compensating jobs
  • Oracle course will provide necessary skills that will help you in getting jobs as a Database Administrator in top companies
  • It provides ease of learning by providing a classroom experience at your place
  • Flexible studying hours
  • You can adjust the pace of the course by studying according to the available time

Oracle DBA Online Training:

Oracle Database is a relational database management system (DBMS). Oracle database is an organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored electronically in a computer.

The Oracle DBA online training course is designed in such a way that it can be understood by anyone who wishes to enhance their skills through a practical learning design that includes slides, test series, assignments, and interactive doubt sessions taken by top-quality trainers that makes the learning more effective. However, a basic knowledge of databases can help in learning the concepts quickly.

The basic goal of this online course is to help in understanding the concepts and architecture of oracle and its internal mechanics so that participants can perform all the assigned tasks without any problem.

Who can apply for Oracle Training Online:

Oracle DBA is in high demand in the market and can provide a competitive edge to the working employees as well as to those aspiring for careers in it. Software developers and IT professionals can enhance their skill set by adding this Course to their CV apart from this Database analysts, SQL programmers, Architects, Projects managers, etc. can do this course as it will be helpful for them to learn it quickly because of prior knowledge of coding and others programming languages that are required in this course.

Course content:

After the successful completion of the course and properly understanding each and everything from it, a person will master the following topics:

  • Oracle Database Architecture,
  • Database processes,
  • Memory structures,
  • Schema objects,
  • Security data recovery and backup, etc.


Oracle keeps on updating itself so that the relational database can be managed more efficiently. So, this course provides you with all the necessary tools, projects, and skilled & experienced mentors that will help & guide the participants to develop their skills and get a chance to stand out from others. Apart from all this Oracle DBA is a high compensating job as compared to others and can help the participants in living a financially sound life.

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