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Introduction: We are the leading company to provide the technology staffing consulting company. We are in the field since 2001 we’ve partnered with enterprise-class and technology organizations to provide over 1,500 It professionals to our valued clients and consulting engagements also staffing assignments and help them to customized IT recruitment searches. We provide services like MSP which is outsourcing a business function or a process to manage the cost of the project and the way the company will sign the agreement. We work very closely with the company at every step for maximum profit. A well-executed solution can make a huge difference in the business line. The same goes for recruitment choosing any outsource your talent and recruitment process can save a lot of money. And time for the company our solution offers many benefits and can also favorably impact your brand and reputation. 

About business consulting: our professional service will provide you the advisory management consulting and project delivery services for our business and give the best technology and digital leadership. Our expert consultants work will work closely with project teams to collaborate and deliver high-value business solutions. Our search and practice are comprised of a talented team with 17 years of experience in this business.

We are working in this field since 2001 and have partnered with a client to provide the enterprise-class solution. Our team has provided aborad portfolio of disciplines to get the project delivered. Our team has also managed the key to provide the best solution to the company and manage the functions on behalf of our clients in a way that they can focus on what they do best. 

We have leveraged an in-depth understanding of the financial market and extensive relationships with many international finance company leaders like DFI and ECA to provide optimum and cost-effective solutions to the clients primarily to help infrastructure projects. We provide the solutions like writing a business plan

  • Project finance
  • Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial and financial due diligence
  • Project restructuring
  • Policy reform

We have offices in the countries like USA, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan we have a good relationship and a very good reputation for providing a very comprehensive range of infrastructure advisory services and projects guide. Our consulting has experienced in the project in more than 55 countries and has successfully achieved financial close of the project with more than USD 50 BN. 

As a financial advisor, our team has provided the required financial advisory services and managed the process professionally in a very transparent manner. In 2018 our company has got first place by PFL league as financial advisor for several advisory mandates also second place on the PFL league tables as a Global financial advisor. In 2019 synergy has awarded MESIA financial advisor of the year as well as ranked the company at first position globally on PFL league tables. 
Last words: we are one of the best companies of the financial advisor our way of working is very transparent, and we award as it all. We have been working in this field for more than 17 years, and you can trust us fully.

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