Where do the super-rich live?

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Must be special locations possessing a unique location “next to the lake, near the city”, blending with nature and high-class living facilities to be able to catch the “green eyes” of the elite community.

Where do the super-rich live?

The Peak, Hong Kong (China) – which is known as the most expensive neighbourhood in the world with an average price of up to 120,000 USD per m2 per square meter, is a piece of land that is isolated around Victoria Peak at 500m above sea level. This is where business tycoons, celebrities, and most recently Chinese millionaires and billionaires come to settle down.

In addition, there is a villa on Lake Austin in Texas (USA), priced at up to 34.5 million USD; Château du Haut Verdon, a villa on Lake Sainte-Croix (France) priced at $15.5 million or Aspen Springs Drive Mansion in Park City (USA) priced at $11 million…

It is no coincidence that these neighbourhoods attract the super-rich to flock and become so expensive, even “priceless”. In general, the rich neighbourhoods in the world have very special locations, they are coastal neighbourhoods, many rivers and lakes, water surface, or in other words, a miniature city in the heart of nature.

This is also a prominent trend of the successful and wealthy communities in the world today. Because for them, after the aura of work, life, privacy, no longer hustle and bustle is the final destination. Living and relaxing in nature with poetic and peaceful landscapes of rivers and mountains, but still ensuring full of high-class amenities is what the elite community aspires to.

Therefore, the expensive value of the house is evaluated by the number of bedrooms, the number of floors is now calculated by the water surface area, green trees, open space, especially the security and quiet factor. , private and capture the vibrant rhythm of life.

Research results from the University of Michigan, USA, said that living near water space helps people increase their happiness index. Analysis from the study, scientists show that people who live near water surface space are less likely to suffer from feelings of stress and stress in daily life.

According to the National Institute of Urban and Rural Planning, the water surface is one of the decisive factors for the quality of the living environment, helping to increase the air humidity by 5 – 12%, improving the summer temperature by 2 – 4 Celsius degrees, reduce solar radiation by 2 – 4.5%, increase air circulation, improve and protect the environment.

As for Feng Shui according to the Asian concept, water brings positive energy and brings prosperity, reproduction, health and fortune. It is also these benefits that lake houses often bring higher material value, more attractive than other areas and the demand for ownership has never decreased.

Specifically, according to research by Savills, real estate prices along rivers and lakes in major cities around the world are often 10 – 50% higher than in other areas such as 50% in London, Paris; 20% in Shanghai and Sydney…

Not outside the trend of finding a place to live of the super-rich in the world, in Vietnam, this class also forms a number of communities concentrated in areas with beautiful locations and peaceful nature. However, the reality shows that the number of projects meeting the standard of prime location next to the lake, near the city, harmonizing nature and owning fresh air is quite limited, not meeting the needs of the community.

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