5 Important Things to Do When Moving into a New Home

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5 Important Things to Do When Moving into a New Home

Congratulations on your new home! This is a great moment you’ll need to celebrate grandly, but before you get into that, there are some things you should do. Before moving into your new home at Winter Park apartments, you must inspect it to see that everything is as expected.

Here are five other things you should do when moving into your new home.

1. Take some time to plan your move.

The first thing you should do in this journey is to take some time to create a plan of how you want to make your move. During this process, you should think about how you’ll transport your belongings, if you need a storage unit, and if you’ll need help planning your move. You may want to reach out to your friends or family to see if they can help you make the move. On the other hand, if you have a lot of belongings, you can hire a moving company to take care of the boxing and unboxing, transportation, and cleaning.

2. Verify your new home’s HVAC system is working properly.

When moving to your new home, you’ll need to take a look at your HVAC system for any debris buildup, broken compressor, or refrigerant leaks, among other signs of damage. In addition, you need to make sure everything’s in tip-top shape before turning it on so you can prevent any risk of fire or further damage to your HVAC unit. Some signs that indicate a problem with refrigerant lines include hissing or bubbling sounds, a frozen evaporator coil, and a lot of humidity in your home. Other signs include warm air coming from your vents as well as a drastic increase in your electric bill. Calling an HVAC repair Las Vegas technician will be the first step towards a fully functional AC unit and a fresher home.

3. Do a deep clean of your new place.

Moreover, you’ll need to do a deep clean of your new home before living in it. This means scrubbing the floors, cabinets, stained walls, driveway, toilets, and showers. It also means steam-cleaning and vacuuming your carpets. You will want to start cleaning from the higher parts of your home to the lower levels. Be sure to use safe cleaning products in addition to wearing protective gloves and face coverings to block any chemicals from making contact with your skin or mouth.

4. Change all of your locks.

When you first move into your home, all the locks will be as the last owner left them. Unfortunately, this means they still have access to your property. Whether or not you trust the past owner, you may not know who else’s hands the keys may fall into. It’s because of this that you must change all the locks in your new place. In addition, you can take advantage of the change to invest in sturdy deadbolts for each of your doors as well as your fences.

5. Connect all of your appliances and utilities.

Once everything’s cleaned, secured, and unboxed, it’s time to connect your appliances and get ready to enjoy your new home. Ensure your belongings have been unboxed and placed in their designated areas, and dispose of anything you don’t need. This is a good opportunity to declutter your belongings and donate or sell anything that takes too much space in your house. Additionally, you can go shopping for new decorations and bedding as well as groceries. Now it’s time to invite some friends and family over to celebrate your new house.

This list will help you settle into your new home on your upcoming move.

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