When do you need medical advice

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In this modern age of technology, people tend to get so involved with work, in order to provide for their families better life, a better car, house, and essentials till they themselves forget to care for their own health. Health these days is not so important to society and often disregarded. Sometimes people seek medical advice/treatment only once things get out of hand and when it’s too late. Sadly, when it has reached the chronic stage, doctors cant do much but only help to ease their pain and not cure the disease. The question today is or shall we say “soalan” -nya ialah, how and when do you need medical advice.

  1. When you feel something is wrong

Our body is naturally equipped with ‘sensors’ that can detect if something is going wrong. For example, if you have a growth that is growing beneath your skin, you will see a lump and the lump can have different characteristics such as hard/soft, immobilized/mobile, large/small, and these small things can help differentiate it with many different diseases out there. Of course laboratory scans are needed to assist in confirming the disease that is causing it, nevertheless it helps in stroking out many other differential diseases out there. Thus, when you are feeling something is up and not right, immediately see a doctor and get it clarified.

  1. When you are getting sick often

Normally, people tend to get a fever for example after an infection. The infection can be at any location in or around the body, the first sign would be a fever. That being said, if you have prolonged fever together with other symptoms for example, pain in the abdomen, nausea, difficulty in breathing, immediately consult a doctor.

  1. Toilet difficulties

If you have issues with passing urine or defecation for a long period of time, consult a doctor too. This is because there may be underlying causes as to why you are having toilet difficulties. It may be as simple as needing more fibre to an obstruction in your colons. More tests will be necessary to finalize and confirm the diagnosis though. Immediately see a doctor if you have bleeding coming out of your anus, if you have not defecated for more than a week, you feel nauseated, your skin changes colour, you feel itchy all around your body.

  1. Difficulty in breathing

Difficulty in breathing can be caused by several factors, such as COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ), Bronchitis, Asthma, etc. Difficulty in breathing can also be an underlying sign of a more dangerous issue such as heart attack, blood stagnation, circulatory problems. Difficulty in breathing normally accompanies coughing. This is because coughing is the body’s natural coping mechanism to help clear the breathing tract to allow smooth flow of gasses as you breathe.


  1. Presence of pain

Pain can also be associated with many other symptoms. Pain is one of the most general signs there is. Pain can be differentiated into several categories such as location, intensity, characteristics, intensity. This differential diagnosis can help the doctors determine the possible disease that is associated with it. Many people disregard pain as something normal and tend not to see a doctor and just depend on painkillers. Persistent pain should be seen by the doctors as soon as possible because it might just be a strong indication that something serious is happening in or around your body.

  1. Skin Changes

Skin changes are also as important as the rest. This is because skin changes can show different possibilities that can be wrong starting with hepatitis up to kidney failure. There are several skin changes that need to be seen as soon as possible such as, yellowing of the skin, extreme dry skins around the body, redness of the skin that doesn’t go away on its own over time, increase in skin tags, increase in skin size (  swollen ).

These are some of the examples that you need to pay attention to and seek medical advice as soon as possible. Thus the saying goes, the sooner the better as it can help save lives.

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