What You Need To Know About Self-Guided Tours

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Exploring a new location can often be overwhelming. Where do you go? What is there to do? What are the best spots to visit? With self-guided tours, you are free to explore at your own pace. Travellers are able to experience a location as they want to experience it.

Self-guided tours provide you with the freedom to be as flexible as you want. You can choose which points of interest you’ll visit and how long you’ll stay at each destination. Here is what you need to know about self-guided tours.

What is a Self-Guided Tour?

On a self-guided tour, such as the one provided by the Aussie Park Guides App, you’ll have everything you need for the adventure of a lifetime, all at your fingertips. While they provide a suggested itinerary,  you have the added freedom of choosing where to go and what to do. You can do all the hiking, trekking, or road-tripping at your own pace, with all the detailed information, tips, history and direction you need!

Who Is A Self-Guided Tour For?

Self-guided tours are for everyone and ideal for those who like the freedom and flexibility of exploring on their own. Backpackers and adventure seekers, in particular, enjoy self-guided tours as they offer a truly unique experience due to the lack of set structure along with the added history and information along the way.

By taking the hassle and stress of planning away, you can simply enjoy your trip, without worrying about getting to your next destination on time or sticking to someone else’s schedule. 

Benefits of A Self-Guided Tour

A self-guided tour is your chance to see your chosen location in your own way. There are a number of benefits to taking a self-guided tour. Some of the most notable are:

Choose your pace

Most self-guided tours, such as Aussie Park Guides, have a detailed itinerary, but while providing you with the freedom to do what you want. If you’re feeling tired and would rather just relax by a lake or take a walk in the woods, no problem! Just enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings of your travel spot.

And if you need inspiration for new adventures, simply check out the other locations listed on the app! 

Pick your travel companions

For some people, travelling with a group of strangers can be intimidating, but travelling alone can feel just as scary.  With a self-guided tour, you’re able to choose the people you want to travel with. Whether this is with friends, family or alone, you have the freedom to choose.

Save time on research

With a self-guided tour, you can avoid the hassle of planning your entire trip from scratch. This especially comes in handy if you’re short on time before your trip or don’t know where to start! Simply download a self-guided tour app and then get out there and explore!

Start Exploring Today

Self-guided tours such as Aussie Park Guides provide you with all the essential information and destination suggestions to explore Australia’s most gorgeous locations. Each location has been personally visited and curated by an experienced traveller, giving you that added peace of mind.

With a self-guided tour, there is always something new to be discovered and Aussie Park Guides. Download today!

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