What makes College Students Happy?

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Some excellent points that clearly indicate the numerous things that are likely to bring you joy during your collegiate years despite the many different challenges that you are likely to face.

Most students constantly ask how they can achieve happiness despite the many things they need to do during their collegiate years. The most precise answer is through hard work and proper time management. You could quickly feel like you are drowning when you have a massive pile of assignments that should be completed within a short duration. Not to forget that you must balance your time for your part-time job and social life. Every student can attest to how difficult it is to manage time in the presence of all the many activities that demand students’ direct attention. It becomes even more difficult when you have assignments that should be submitted at the same time. There is no doubt that stress will continuously be on your back. Notably, if you think that college life is full of stress, you should think again.

It is indeed true that college is not meant for everyone. However, if you have decided to further your studies, you should not begin with the assumption or perception that you have signed up for four years of financial ruin and academic misery. Although they may be full of challenges and difficulties, they also do have the potential of being some of the best years in your academic life.

One of the best things about college life is that you could always seek assistance in completing your assignments if you find them overwhelming. Peachy Essay will get all your assignments done within the estimated duration. What brings joy to a student’s life more than the feeling of accomplishment that comes from scoring good grades? In this article, we will discuss some of the things that make college students happy.

Living independently

Most students have spent almost their entire life under the care of their parents or guardians. Some have never gotten the chance to make independent decisions. Leaving away from your parents may seem challenging during the first days. It may also be scary, and often, you may feel like returning home.

One fact is that most students yearn for the life where they will live alone and enjoy the opportunity of making independent decisions. There are various benefits to living independently. First, you get the freedom to do what you want. For instance, you listen to any music that excites you; whether loud or soft, you take meals any time of the day, and you can sleep the entire day if you wish. Therefore, there is nothing that makes students happier, such as living independently.

Getting yourself better                                       

College life presents a student with numerous opportunities for understanding their strengths and weaknesses in life. It is a time when you can get to understand yourself better. There is nothing as interesting as learning more about your abilities.

It is when you learn more about your major and minor upsets in life, such as dealing with relationships and breakups. All these experiences will assist you in becoming a strong and independent person. As you continue to learn more about yourself, you are allowed to make as many mistakes as possible and learn from them. Essentially, one of the things most students love about college life is that it is a place where they can be themselves without being questioned or judged.

Good grades

Nothing makes students happy such as the feeling of gratitude and satisfaction that comes from scoring impressive grades. Every student yearns to score grades that will guarantee them a brighter future. Students have a lot to gain by scoring excellent grades. First, good grades may lead them to scholarships. The college and scholarship committee often go through the student’s transcripts.

Involvement in curricular activities, higher test scores, and better grades could help you get more finances for your education. Good grades could also open your door for future opportunities, improve your social life, and boost your confidence. Which person would not wish to have future career opportunities, enhance their social lives, and increase their confidence?

Hanging with friends

During my freshman year, I was surprised to find out that most college students would prefer hanging out with their friends instead of doing assignments or revising their examinations. It was clear to me that student’s value hanging out with their peers. According to researchers, friendship could positively impact an individual’s well-being as well as health.

One of the most fantastic things about friends is that they will be ready and willing to celebrate your good times and offer you support during your challenging and difficult times. If you apprehend the essential role of friends in your life, you may understand what is required to nurture and develop a vital relationship. Some of the benefits of having friends may include the following; it gives an individual a sense of belonging, reduces stress, and boosts happiness. Other benefits are that it improves a person’s self-worth and confidence, and it may help a person deal with difficult times such as divorce, trauma, heartbreaks, loss of a job, and illnesses. In essence, hanging out with friends is one of the things that make college students happy.


No person hates money. Some people will be willing and thinking to do the unthinkable for the sake of money. Students are not an exception. I would say that approximately 90% of students love money. As the cost of pursuing education keeps on rising, more students are becoming worried about how they will finance their studies and other expenses.

Most college students are broke because of high textbook costs, not enough financial aids, unexpected finances, and college costs. Nothing will make students happy such as acquiring financial freedom and financing their entire expenses without seeking external assistance. That is the reason why you will find some students having one or two part-time jobs. The funny thing is that rarely will you hear about a person who reached a point in their lives where they were satisfied with the money they had. Furthermore, one of the main reasons students advance their studies is to get well-paying jobs.

The ability to learn new things

Students are generally curious individuals that derive joy from learning new things during their collegiate years. If you want to become happier, it is important that you try and learn new things each day. When you learn new things, you attain a sense of achievement and escalated confidence that will bring you happiness.

For example, you can learn how to play new board games with your friends. Each time that you play such a game, you feel more relaxed and happier. This, combined with other things in college, are some of the important things that will make your life more complete. When you decide to keep to yourself and not learn new things, you will have a boring life which reduces the amount of happiness that you derive from your overall college experience.

It is very important to do the things that bring you joy as a college student. Life in college is very interesting, and there is no reason why you should not maximize the opportunity to do the things that make you happy. Despite the fact that we all have different interests, it is possible to engage with others who will help you enjoy these interests. The above-given points alongside other things will definitely make your life more interesting and bring you happiness.

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