What Makes Collagen a Boon for Your Body?

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What Makes Collagen a Boon for Your Body?

Protein is a vital nutrient that is detrimental to the human body’s growth. And apart from that, protein is packed with perks that other nutrients cannot substitute. Meanwhile, collagen is a type of protein that plays a significant role in the overall upkeep and combating age-related issues of the body. Available in various forms, you can take collagen powder or supplements depending on your needs and doctor’s recommendation.

Listed below are some reasons that make collagen a real boon to the body:

Good for Your Skin

Collagen is the secret ingredient to reverse skin aging! It is the most abundant protein you find in your body, but unfortunately, at the age of 25, the natural levels of collagen in your body start to drop exponentially, and this drop directly affects your skin. And as a result, your skin’s aging process starts to accelerate due to the lack of collagen in your body, and the skin becomes dry and loses its suppleness and becomes saggy. So, to prolong your skin’s youthfulness, it is vital to supply an adequate amount of protein to your body. In this context, various studies support the fact that consuming 4 grams of collagen per day for two months can significantly reduce skin drying conditions and restore noticeable skin elasticity levels. Studies are also being conducted on collagen’s ability to prevent pimple outbreaks and other severe skin conditions.

The natural food sources of protein like red meat and fish may not be enough to replace the collagen requirement of your body. Hence, it is best to supplement the deficit after consulting a qualified dietician.

Boosts Muscle Mass & Metabolism

Like previously mentioned, collagen is a major protein group found in your body. So naturally, it forms the majority of the muscles’ protein structure. Collagen ensures optimal performance of the muscle fibres and maintains the fibre’s integrity. Meanwhile, sarcopenia is a prevalent condition that is plaguing many as age progresses. This particular condition causes deterioration and, ultimately, the loss of muscle density. And, collagen supplements become very important to these individuals, as the supplements replace the lost collagen and help maintain the muscle mass more steadily.

In another instance, a prominent health facility conducted a muscle gain experiment on two ectomorph men. Collagen supplements were introduced in one individual’s diet, and the other individual was provided with a regular protein-rich diet. The exercise program lasted for about three months, and it convincingly concluded that the individual who consumed collagen supplements along with a protein-rich diet experienced significantly less fatigue, and weight lifting capacity dramatically increased. Also, the muscle mass gain by the individual who was introduced to collagen supplements outgunned the individual who opted for a regular protein diet.

Alleviates Joint Pain

Cartilage is an essential yet sometimes neglected member of the human skeletal system. They are effectively a covering for the tip of your bones, and they are smooth and flexible, which allows smooth movement of the points where bones meet or, in other words, called joints. These cartilages are made up of proteins, and primarily collagen is the major component.

So, when cartilages wear away due to many reasons, one being collagen deficiency, bones start to rub with each other at the joints, and this painful condition is called arthritis. Consuming collagen in sufficient amounts is a preventive measure against this condition. That being said, recently conducted studies also show that apart from preventing the arthritic condition, collagen intake can improve the health of the deteriorated cartilages and significantly reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Even a small addition of two grams of collagen into the diet for two months showed great relief from joint pain in individuals. Also, they could enjoy physical activities, which was not possible before this minor change in the diet.

Paying attention to your intake of collagen takes centre stage as your age progresses. Besides, natural sources of collagen may not provide the requisite amount to your body as time goes. In such situations, collagen powder is a safe and well-researched option available to supplement your collagen deficit. Also, there are many factors to consider before choosing your next collagen supplement. Hence, a professional dietician would tailor-make a diet for you and recommend you a good collagen supplement based on your body, age, and requirements.


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