What Is G-Suite And Why Everyone Prefers Them?

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What Is G-Suite And Why Everyone Prefers Them?

Formerly called Google Apps for Work, is a cloud computing platform. G suite is now commonly known as Google Workspace. It is an integrated platform of a variety of intelligent apps with productivity and collaboration tools including many more features that are developed by Google. The primary recommendation to use Google Workspace is for clients aspiring email hosting for their companies/businesses. Besides this, it even includes Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Calendar, Google+, Sites, Hangouts, Google+ for communication, and so on.

Even the platform also includes the G Suite Marketplace through which third-party applications can be installed to access together with the G Suite tools. Moreover, you can quickly find the best G-suite partner India.

G Suite helps your business by offering:

  • Everyone at your company should have a Gmail account, and,
  • An office suite for your business.

G Suite Vs Gmail: What’s The Difference?

Gmail is free and available to individuals. On the contrary, G Suite is a paid product typically used by companies. That’s the most common reason why companies search for a G-suite partner in India.

In addition to a personal email account, Gmail offers Google Drive storage and access to applications like Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. These are free services. Additional users cannot be added to the account. Additionally, you are given an email address like name@gmail.com. It allows your entire company to have access to Gmail accounts and office applications.

It even comes with an option G Suite Admin that makes managing users easier. Google Drive will give you more storage, and you’ll have email addresses that look like name@company.com. However, there is a monthly fee per user that must be taken care of by the company.

G Suite: A Complete Different Tool Preferred By All

G Suite clients or users consistently assert that this tool:

  • Is one of the simplest tools to work with, and,
  • Has the most competent integrated collaboration as compared to any other tool.

The combination of these things provides G Suite with a higher user rating when compared to any other document tool. Let’s have a look over them.

  • Simplicity of Use

There are many document tools that claim to be easy to work and use. G suite surely will deliver the same. Since the Google Docs commencement, Google has given tons of money and time to make the products available in the suite as simple to use as possible.

Furthermore, if we take the example of Google Sheets, then these aren’t advanced as Excel but are a lot more effortless to use. G Suite is a complete package that enables endless users with everything they require to accomplish work while keeping the tools easy and quick to use.


  • Collaboration

That’s something that separates G Suite from other documents tools. Google has invested an ample amount of resources and time into improvising its document collaboration features. The most amazing feature of it is the ability to add suggested edits, comments in Google Docs and even one can make live edits by sharing the link to anyone. It’s quite like if one has spent even a few days collaborating through your team in Google Docs, then they can’t imagine accomplishing the tasks without them.

G Suite: An Ultimate Solution!

Different tools are surveyed time-to-time to evaluate how people are liking them and how the tools are making their life easier. In such surveys it was determined that G Suite is one of the most highly rated document tool! The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a rating tool used by the industry for such purposes.

Moreover, with Google Workspace you’ll get a professional email address, online storage, a shared calendar, video meetings, and more. Collaboration is the best and most effective feature of Google Apps. Sharing spreadsheets and documents, creating video conferences with Meets, and chatting using Chats is much simple now. Organizing meetings has also become easier with shared calendars.

Several businesses get benefit from Google Workspace to get their work done with ease and quick as it provides many tools to help them succeed. A great feature of Google Workspace is the mobile tools. There is an app for every device, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet (iOS or Android), or a computer (Windows, Mac, or Linux).

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