What is Automated Crypto Trading and How Does it Work?

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As the cryptocurrency market is unstable and incredibly volatile, price fluctuations open up huge profit opportunities. As it is almost impossible to follow market changes uninterruptedly, traders miss out on many profit opportunities. To keep up with and take advantage of the opportunities presented in the market, investors rely on automated cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrencies trading bots are programs that can automate transactions and transactions according to the requirements you specify. This article discusses the best cryptocurrency trading automated programs and how they work.

How to Trade Crypto Using Bots?

The classification of automated trade programs:

  • Signal bot provides information (signals) about transactions that you can follow.
  • Arbitrage bots make it possible to trade on multiple platforms simultaneously and profit from the price difference.
  • Market-making programs add positions to the order book for trading and increase liquidity.
  • Trading bots analyze technical indicators and trade on an exchange.
  • A scripted bot is a bot that is manually customized by the user. 

To trade cryptocurrency efficiently and not miss out on every single change to make a profit, traders usually apply for Revenuebot or Cryptorg programs. If you are an inexperienced trader and are not familiar with the technicalities of setting up bots, Revenue But may be for you. It is a very easy-to-use program that does not require any additional involvement or setting. You just need to do the initial setup, and then you can start working.

Another case is Cryptorg. If you are a beginner, you surely can make good use of the built-in features, but if you need to set up the program on your own, you can manually customize the program to your liking. This bot is largely used by advanced traders, bringing benefits to those who use advanced trading strategies.

You can buy crypto and configure an automated program on the WhiteBIT platform. It is a reliable and transparent service both for novice users and experienced investors. 

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