What Is a Digital Factory?

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What Is a Digital Factory?

Digital factories are a mainstay in the manufacturing industry these days. With unique advancements in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, real-time monitoring and factory floor efficiency are more robust and sophisticated than ever before.

Digital factory assets provide crucial monitoring metrics.

While many people who are new to the management processes and new technology upgrades that are associated with the production process might ask “What is a digital factory?” those who are steeped in the use of digital models, smart factory design, and simulation-based insights know exactly how effective a digital factory layout can be for the factory floor. Put simply, a digital factory is a digital twin that allows for real-time monitoring of your manufacturing center’s physical assets. With a digital factory, generating a digital model of each aspect of the product line and maintaining metrics and insights on the efficiency standards can help you and your team ensure that gaps are being filled and that quotas are consistently met.

With a digital model, production managers can identify problems with equipment or issues in the process itself before a significant reduction in production efficiency can eat away at overall profits and target goals. This production tool is a component of the larger Industry 4.0 movement and as a result, relies heavily on the continued prevalence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and related trends in the overlap between data science and manufacturing efficacy to power these insights. Digital models take their information from network-connected components of the factory itself (like product line sensors, robots, and many other nuanced components) in order to generate the digitization required to build a new digital twin of each step along the process of creating whatever it is that your facility engages in the construction of.

Modern slowdowns come in all shapes and sizes: A digital factory can help eliminate these trouble spots.

The product line is stressed like never before in the modern day. With the effects of the coronavirus pandemic expressing themselves in varied and unexpected ways (including the necessity of working from home and hybrid workplaces), manufacturing centers and individuals within the industrial workforce are feeling the pressure to perform in significant and stressful ways. Maintaining the safety standards that are a must for social responsibility in an age of viral trauma can often feel contradictory to the industrial needs of the factory that is producing essential goods like packaged food products, sanitary products, or technological assets that have made life in lockdown more bearable.

With the help of data analytics that are built out of a digital factory implementation, workforces are able to work smarter rather than harder. This gives employee communities the relief they need to get the job done without having to break social distancing guidelines, isolation rules, and personal measures of comfortability in the presence of their coworkers.

The coronavirus and unexpected events such as the Suez Canal blockage that have happened over the last year have tested the resolve of factories and production crews all over the world. Yet with digital factory and other technological innovations put firmly into place, maintaining the efficiency and standard of production that communities beyond the factory floor depend on can be maintained with surprising accuracy.

Digital products have become a mainstay in the continued success of manufacturing companies. They allow for powerful insights to be derived from a constant flow of data. This gives the entire team the leeway it needs to evaluate and correct any problems that may be affecting the production line with enough time to head off any major disruptions. In a time when everything else is falling apart, manufacturing is remaining strong as a result of this simple yet powerful innovation.


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