What Does it Feel Like to Experience a Heart Attack?

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What Does it Feel Like to Experience a Heart Attack?

The heart muscle begins to die when the blood supply that keeps it alive is cut off. This is referred to as a heart attack, and it is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention. Blood flow to your heart will be disturbed if the blockage is large enough. If your heart is left without oxygen for an extended period, it will die, putting you at risk for heart failure and other issues. In which case you must be sure to visit one of the best cardiac treatment hospitals in Bangalore.

A man’s experience of a heart attack

Although chest pain is not present in every heart attack, it is still the most common symptom among males. The pain is frequently described as a squeezing or pressure sensation.

Other signs and symptoms of a heart attack in males include:

  1. Shortness of breath can appear before any other symptoms, whether you’re sitting still or moving around.
  2. Back pain that frequently radiates into the neck
  3. Arm discomfort usually affects the left arm; however, it can affect either or both arms.
  4. Jaw pain that can sometimes feel like a severe toothache
  5. Nausea and Vomiting
  6. Cold and excessive sweating
  7. Light-headedness or dizziness


A woman’s experience of a heart attack

In women, chest pain or tightness is the most prevalent symptom of a heart attack. Pain in the upper abdomen is equally joint in women. Non-traditional symptoms are also more common in women than in men, including:

  1. Fatigue, which might emerge several days before other symptoms, giving the appearance that you’re sick with the flu rather than having a heart attack.
  2. A burning, tingling, or pressing sensation in the upper back
  3. Neck and jaw pain, which is commonly accompanied by chest pain (jaw pain can coincide with a heart attack because the nerves that serve the heart and those that do the jaw are close together)
  4. Tingling, numbness, or discomfort in one or both arms
  5. Vomiting and nausea, or feeling just energy less all of a sudden

Heart attacks that go unnoticed

A heart attack might sometimes occur without any evident symptoms. In reality, over 15% of patients are unaware that they have a heart attack. The elderly and persons with diabetes are more likely to experience this. The heart attack may appear to be nothing more than an extended case of the flu, a chest strain, or excessive exhaustion rather than the conventional signs. Consult a doctor if you have any persistent or inexplicable symptoms.

Symptoms that resemble a heart attack should not be ignored. People who have experienced a heart attack frequently describe an uneasy sensation or even a sense of impending doom that they can’t explain. Trust the best cardiac treatment hospital in Bangalore and pay attention to all of your body’s signals.

Conclusion: In case you ever go through the above mentioned symptoms, then it is really important to take a call. A heart attack is all about timing, as if you get the right medication at the right time, then you’ll be in a good position, however if the reverse happens, then a patient can even lose their life. So it is important to take these things very seriously. 


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