Fill the Wedding Gift Exchange Experience with Love, Meaning and Purpose

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Fill the Wedding Gift Exchange Experience with Love, Meaning and Purpose

Let’s get real! One of the exciting perks of getting married grandly, in the presence of all the loved ones, is the bombardment of gifts. But most times, these gifts include endless electronic items, kitchen supplies, display pieces, and flowers that the couple would never use and would go to waste as they do not resonate with them and their needs. It usually happens when the choice is on the guests who consider gifting as a formality or when they do not know the couple enough to provide them with a meaningful gift. But luckily, the trend of wedding gift registry promises to prevent these unfortunate circumstances and helps couples and their guests have a meaningful and satisfying gifting experience.

Why Are Wedding Gift Registries Popular in Australia?

Australia has witnessed 78,989 registered marriages in the past year, including online and destination weddings. But no matter the type, wedding gifts form a significant part of the ceremony. On average Australians spend over 150 AUD on wedding presents. But many prefer giving cash and gift cards as they find it difficult to choose the appropriate item that suits the bride and the groom’s needs. Therefore, many couples turn to wedding gift registries which serves as an online platform to select the gifts they desire to receive on their wedding day. The guests can buy the entire item or contribute a gift that the couple has on their wish list, based on their budget. The service is free of cost and is available on numerous trusted websites which offer home décor, apparel, furniture, kitchen accessories, beauty and grooming, experiences like fine dining and spa, honeymoon, cash and charity funds.

How Can a Gift Registry Make Wedding Gifting Meaningful?

It Makes the Gift Selection Process Easy for the Guests

Due to the hectic work schedule global, and national circumstances, many might not have the time to understand the soon to be wed couple and spend time purchasing the perfect gift for them. But creating a wish list at a gift registry, the couples can make the lives of these guests easier. With a few clicks, they can purchase the gift without going shopping, wrapping or carrying them.

The Newly Weds Get the Gifts They Want and Use

By creating a wedding registry, couples can get items and experiences they would use instead of a stockpile of generic gifts like lamps, clocks, gravy boats and vases. It is similar to handing Santa the Christmas list and having the desires come true on their special day.

The Guests Experience the Satisfaction of Gifting Something of Meaning

Most guests want to get something meaningful for the newlyweds. Something they love and enhances their lives ahead. Therefore, providing access to a wedding gift registry gives them the satisfaction of knowing they have done so.

The Couple Can Begin Their New Life a Little Easier

After spending a fortune on the wedding, it would be an additional financial expense if they need to spend money setting up their new homes all by themselves. Instead, they can allow their loved ones to participate in the process and make them a part of their new lives through wedding presents.

It Helps Couples Have Waste-free Wedding

Since the couples choose wedding presents that they would use, it is clear that they wouldn’t discard, waste or utilize them in the re-gifting cycle. The guests need not invest in wrapping paper and boxes, creating waste. Having a waste-free wedding is the need of the hour due to the amount of waste accumulating in the landfills of Australia. A wedding gift registry helps achieve it.

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