Ways to Delegate Tasks Effectively

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In a workplace, proper delegation of tasks is the responsibility of leaders, managers, or seniors. They have the authority to assign responsibility to the co-workers or subordinates. A successful business needs high-level strategic planning which requires energy and time.  It’s like a learning opportunity for leaders and teammates that reduce stress and tension in the workplace. To ensure that this will not happen, proper delegation is very important.


Importance of Delegation

When a leader evenly distributes the tasks after considering their abilities, employees have to accept authority and accountability to develop a better sense of shared responsibility. Successful business leaders like Kelly Sills delegate the tasks properly and ensure that the team understands completely the importance of each task.  By delegating the task, leaders define desired outcomes with proper planning and management. The success of different business owners like  Kelly Sills Baton Rouge is from shared responsibilities among teammates and taking accountability to complete the projects.

Now, it becomes a point of concern that how the task will be delegated to obtain an effective result. Following are the ways for leaders to interpret their expectations for the work among employees.

1. Assessment of Task

It is no less a barrier in the path following success if leaders are not able to decide which task should be delegated. Depending upon time consumption and immensity of work, leaders should delegate the task after categorizing them. A leader should evaluate the task properly and delegate it to the right people.


2. Assessment of Abilities 

Every employee of the company is very keen and enthusiastic about grabbing life-changing opportunities. But that doesn’t mean leaders will delegate the tasks without considering their talents. The task should be only delegated after discerning their strength, weaknesses, working style, choices, preference, and willingness. In this way, the task to be delegated will be executed properly based on the expected outcome.


3. Defining the Goals

If leaders are simply involved in providing work to employees without supervising them, it might become a diminishing growth factor. Jack Ma suggests clarifying the objective of the task with clear context is crucial. Leaders should discuss with the team the goals clearly and ensure that everyone is working on the same page.

4. Allocation of Resources

When the task is delegated to employees, their responsibilities are upgraded. Therefore, leaders must provide them useful resources for the timely completion of projects. They should effectively involve technology for the best advantage.


5. Develop Communication Channels

A small confusion can make a huge difference in the outcome. Communication channels need to be developed to clear even the smallest doubts. Communication channels will help to track progress and provide better guidance. As we all know, communication is the most important aspect in delegating tasks, because, without clear communication, the task might be completed but with a different outcome.


6. Provide Right Information and Instructions

A good leader realizes that micromanaging has a negative impact. They have to provide all necessary information regarding project completion. After giving instructions, leaders should allow them to find the best solution. Leaders should ensure that the teammates understand what they need to deliver. As part of the role of the leader is to make sure that he/she is available always if the team has questions while doing the task.


7. Provide Timely Feedback

After the task completion, the leader should provide honest feedback if the improvement is required. Their work should be praised publicly to appreciate them. Leaders should appreciate the team fairly and intentionally.



The leaders or managers who are specialized in team-building know how effective delegation can lead their business towards enormous heights of success. You will be amazed to know that according to a Gallup study, the company with effective delegation has comparatively obtained 33% more revenue in the year 2013. Delegation of tasks in business is crucial because it matches the skills for task completion by aligning them.

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