Vastu consultant in Kolkata explains all about vastu yantra in brief!

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Vastu consultant in Kolkata highly recommends installing vastu items in both home and office space to uplift the vastu of the property. 

But for obvious reasons; many people know very little about vastu yantras and their utility.

Today, we will explain all about vastu yantras, their significance, and scope as explained by expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

We will first understand what is meant by vastu yantras, followed by exploring its working principle, some common vastu items and then importance of their ideal placement as per Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

What are vastu items?

We receive cosmic energy at every point of our live. This comprises of both good and bad energies. The good energies bring auspicious results and bad energies bring ill-effects instead.

A good Vastu consultant in Kolkata can offer the best floor plan for the house to ensure you receive the best effects of the vastu. But doing so is not always feasible, especially for old properties. 

This is when the utility of vastu yantras comes into picture.  

Vastu yantras are portable and powerful items that can influence the vastu of any property, if placed properly. These can channel positive energy around them and absorb the negative energy. 

They can enhance the vastu of any property without making any structural alteration in the property building.

Using vastu yantra becomes crucial for old building primarily; but it can be highly effective for new properties as well  

You can get them from some reliable Vastu consultant in Kolkata. 

How vastu items work?

To understand how it works, let us take an easy example first. We all use cell phone in our everyday lives. They work with the help of transmitting towers that are spread all around the country. 

 These towers are placed in specific sites that ensure maximum coverage and effectively for its nearby regions. As a result, we get adequate signal to carry out our intended tasks of making call and using internet primarily. 

The vastu yantras work in a similar way. However, to make sure you get the good vibrations of the cosmic world, you need to pay attention to several other factors as well.  

What are some most common and useful vastu yantras?

There are many vastu items that are available to fix any vastu defect within any property. Some of them are-

  • Vastu dosh nivaran yantra
  • Vastu nandi 
  • Vastu turtle
  • Vastu pyramid
  • Kuber yantra
  • Vastu tree
  • Shree yantra

Apart from these there are several other items that can be used as vastu yantras such as mirrors, money plant, sea salt, etc. 

Moreover, Vastu consultant in Kolkata also recommend using suitable painting, small idols or photos of god, sacred symbols such as trishul, om, swastika etc. 

In fact, keeping idols of Buddha, wind chimes, dream catcher, feng shui cat etc can also be used to enhance the vastu of any property. 

Note that each of these vastu yantra has its special set of features. You need to make sure you get the right one for your need. 

 What are the guidelines for picking and placing them?

As already mentioned, there are numerous vastu yantras, each with its unique usefulness. Some are great to ensure better financial prosperity, while some ensures good health. 

You should never get any vastu yantra without first seeking Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Doing so can result in getting ineffective result of the yantra. 

Only an expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata can understand your particular needs and recommends the most suitable item for you. 

Moreover, you need to place them in proper place to channel its benefits. So, a vastu expert will guide you placing it in the most suitable zone of the house or office. 

At Vaastu Mangaal you can get several vastu items along with suitable instructions for their placement. 

So, transform your vastu and your life through the usefulness of the vastu items. 

To get more information, reach out to the expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata, Mr. Pinaki pal, only at Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- Let us understand all about vastu yantras, their significance, and scope as explained by expert Vastu consultant in Kolkata.

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