Best Ways To Use Hashtags For Great Result On Instagram

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If you have used services to buy Instagram likes and are looking for some tips on getting more likes on Instagram posts then you might want to take a look at this. A hashtag is a powerful tool if used right. 

You can get a lot of visibility and exposure on Instagram using the right hashtags. Today, we list certain ways that can be utilized to grow on Instagram using Hashtags. So, let’s dive into it.

The first step to social media success is good research. Even when you want to use Hashtags in the most optimal way you need to start with some solid research.

Understand your niche? Check out the other influencers and brands in that niche. Look at their posts and see the hashtags they generally use. Make a list of these hashtags.

Next, figure out the kind of posts that your target demographic generally engages with. Take a look at the hashtags used in these posts.

Also, look at the number of hashtags being used and which hashtags are used at what time of the day or month or year?

All this info will help you make a list of hashtags for your use and give you some preliminary info related to them that can help you understand more about their usage.


  • Use Hashtags Analytics Tools

Many good hashtag research tools can be used to rank the hashtags you have collected. If you buy Instagram likes to boost engagement on Instagram you can use hashtags to increase your visibility and gain more likes on Instagram as well.

Hashtag research tools allow you to search for your hashtag and then provide relevant info regarding it. You can find out the content volume of the hashtag and how popular it is.

They will show you how many times this hashtag has been used in a day or a month etc. You will also get an idea of how difficult it can be for you to compete for that hashtag.

Ideally, you should be choosing a hashtag that has a decent strength but is easy enough to compete for at your level. Keeping this as the baseline can help you get much better results.


  • Make use of Instagram Insights

Instagram insight is a powerful companion for users looking to grow on Instagram. There are different services out there that let you buy stats like buy legit Instagram likes from and followers. They are meant for promotion.

Instagram Insights helps a lot with Instagram promotion and marketing by helping you with the analytics and feedback. One of the best ways to find out if a hashtag is working for you is to use this tool.

Start using some of the hashtags you have gathered in your posts. Then after sufficient time has passed you can start using Insights to check how much exposure your posts got.

The ones that got more exposure might have hashtags that are more impactful for the visibility of your brand. So, start filtering out the best ones using this tool.


  • Do Not Use Banned or Spammy Hashtags

This goes back to researching the hashtags before using them. There are certain hashtags on Instagram that have either been banned or have lower brownie points on the algorithm.

You have to ensure not to use them. Now, you may think that how many can be there? Well, there’s enough to do a double check before you use them. What happens with these Hashtags is that Instagram does not show the latest Stories and posts posted on these Hashtags.

Instead, you see a message saying that the hashtag has been linked to some bad content. You only see some of the top posts.

In addition to banned Hashtags, try not to use hashtags that appear spammy or attract users that don’t want to engage with your posts but rather partake in spammy behavior.

Some examples of spam hashtags are #follow #likeforlikes etc.

  • Reduce Usage of Irrelevant Hashtags

Using Irrelevant hashtags can be detrimental to your growth on Instagram. Think about the reason why you are using Hashtags? You want to reach more people who are going to like and enjoy your content.

When you use Irrelevant hashtags the content reaches people who don’t engage with the kind of posts you upload. So, you get less engagement from these users.

Using Irrelevant hashtags takes up the space in the hashtag real estate. You could add a relevant hashtag that will give you better results in place of an unrelated one.

Also, try avoiding repeating the same Hashtags on each post. Add some variety to it. Using the same hashtags can be seen negatively by the algorithm and your posts might get penalized. So, it’s better to have a list of Hashtags for future use.

  • Use Branded Hashtags

Creating a custom hashtag for your brand can be a good idea to promote your brand on Instagram. A lot of brands do it. You can even create custom hashtags for different campaigns.

Add the hashtag in your Instagram bio and ask people to use it in their posts. A lot of user-generated content can come your way if you do it right. 

This can give you a lot of exposure and help you get more close with the community of people who use your brand’s products or services.

You can run contests and giveaways around these hashtags and collect user-generated content for your profile. Then you can give the prizes to the winners.

Be sure to make it fun, creative and engaging because at the end of the day that matters a lot on social media platforms.



So, these were some of the ways that can help you use Hashtags optimally and gain more visibility and engagement on Instagram. Try these techniques out and give them some time. 

This way you will have enough data to make some comparisons. We hope you found some useful insights and wish you all the best.

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