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You must have heard the term cannabis, also commonly known as marijuana, but slightly different. While it is believed to be intoxicating when consumed in high quantities, there are several therapeutic and recreational benefits attached to this flower.

Cannabis is a flowering plant under which comes various species of the same. Of all the types of this drug, there are two main species named D8 flower and D9 flower. D9 flower is a stronger version of the flowering plant while Delta 8 flower provides a mild high but is capable of benefiting the consumer in terms of relaxation, alertness, etc.

The common belief attached to the hemp flower is of it being illegal, however, that is not the case. The delta 8 flower for sale is legal in certain countries. Dr. Strains CBD is a popular place where you can place an order for the purchase of the hemp flower. As mentioned earlier, there are various species of the flowering plant, of which a few are legal and accepted as a medicinal drug.

Amongst the D8 flower itself, there are varieties which have differences in terms of flavor as well as the benefits. Following are some of the popular Delta 8 flower types:

  • White Runtz – This is a kind with immense benefits. Made from the mixing of Zkittles and Gelato, this one is useful for not only relaxation but also for appetite stimulation along with sleep assistance.
  • Grape Ape – It derives its name because it has a fragrance very similar to grapes. This type of D8 flower helps in pain relief and in soothing for stress as well as anxiety.
  • Blue Dream – This one was developed with the crossing of blueberries and haze. The unique aspect of Blue Dream is that it is capable of providing symptom relief while not being a heavy sedative. It is this property which makes it useful for treating depression, nausea, etc.
  • Apple Jack – Used to treat chronic pains and nausea. It gets the name as it holds the taste of a sweet apple.

Dr. Strains CBD is the place if you are looking for organically grown hemp flowers in the farms of the USA. The qualities of D8 flower that can be found here is unmatchable along with the right mix of benefits that you must be searching for. So, if you have made up your mind to purchase the delta 8 flower, then quickly place an order on the Dr. Strains CBD website.

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