How many types of Banarasi sarees are there?

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How many types of Banarasi sarees are there?

Banarasi sarees are gorgeous beautiful sarees that are made in Varanasi, India. It is one of the finest pieces of clothing of Indian women. It is one of those sarees that can give you a classic yet modern look at any occasion or festival.

Banarasi sarees give the wearer a sense of feeling regal and beauty, normally adorned by brides. Nonetheless, this saree can be worn for any occasion, a Banarasi saree will give you a luxurious look. If this is a saree that you want but can’t find anywhere near you, there are options to buy them online.

However, before buying the Banarasi saree online, you need to know about the types and special attributes of this unique attire worn by the women of India.

For its luxurious and attractive looks, numerous dress designers are using Banarasi fabric to offer something unique. Now, discussed below are several types of Banarasi sarees and their designs.

The different fabrics of Banarasi sarees

Silk is not only one option to produce some attractive looking Banarasi sarees; there are several other fabrics of this party wear, such as:

  • Shattir

When you love something that is traditional yet modern, then you can definitely go for the Shattir fabric. It is one of those fine and gorgeous fabrics that is a good option for producing exclusive and contemporary designs. So, if you buy a Banarasi saree online made of this fabric, you definitely get to choose some unique festive wear.

  • Katan (Pure Silk)

Katan is one kind of plain yet fine silk fabric. This type of Banarasi saree is weaved with pure silk threads that are first twisted and then weaved to create those pure silk sarees.

During ancient times, this saree was handwoven, however, these days power looms are used to produce these gorgeous sarees. This fabric known as Katan is very soft and thus is loved by a large number of saree lovers.

  • Georgette

Georgette is an extremely lightweight fabric, and thus is a very good material for producing fine yet gorgeous Banarasi sarees.

  • Organza Banarasi sarees

Brocades are one of the most beautiful and beautifully woven materials for cloth, where the patterns are created with various attractive designs created by warp and weft. The threads of zari are woven around the yarn to get a gorgeous look.

The different designs of Banarasi sarees

Apart from these fabrics for Banarasi sarees, you can also find different types of Banarasi saree online as per their design patterns. Some of those are:

  • Tanchoi Banarasi

This is the unique style where Labyrinth is woven by fine zari. This is a special kind of Banarasi saree that is widely used for numerous weddings and occasions. The pallu portion of this special Banarasi sari is usually decorated with large motifs whereas the border portion has criss-cross patterns.

  • Jangla Banarasi

The word Jangla means Jungle. These sarees are named like this; it has a special print that spreads across the entire saree. It is a special type of brocade that is created with intricate weaving.

  • Butidar Banarasi

Butidar Banarasi sarees are specially woven, along with the threads of silk and zari of gold and silver. These can easily be the best ones to give you a dazzling look. 

  • Tissue Banarasi

These are some of the most delicate-looking Banarasi sarees and can be suitable for all types of occasions. These sarees are woven delicately with zari and thus add a special luster to their entire look.

Thus, all of these different types of Banarasi sarees are really awesome for any occasion and you can easily choose from them while buying Banarasi saree online.

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