The Importance of Tracking Your Ocean Freight Online

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The global supply chain is becoming extremely complicated. Why? The growing competition among shipping and logistics companies is accompanied by increasing trade volumes. These industry trends affect shippers, freight forwarders, and other members of the global supply chain industry.

Real-time freight tracking can give you a huge competitive edge in such an unpredictable environment. Whether you’re a freight forwarder or an eCommerce vendor – real-time freight visibility will enhance the quality and security of your operations. When you’re always aware of the status and location of your freight, your operations face less risk.

Tracking transports permits you to examine administration levels and taxes. Utilizing the information created by the administration framework, it is feasible to speak with forwarding agents. This permits you to check assortment times, travel times, and postponements. By breaking down their presentation exhaustively, changes can be made to work on the benefit of the supply chain.

How Ocean Freight Online works?

When you ship your goods through an ocean freight carrier, the shipment will be handled by a number of different people – from the cargo handler at the port to the truck driver who delivers it to your customer. Along the way, your shipment will be tracked by a number of different people and systems. This makes it difficult to get a complete view of where your shipment is, who has it, and what condition it’s currently in.

Assuming that your freight is being handled by many different people at the same time can be dangerous. As an eCommerce vendor, you might inadvertently guide a driver to deliver a package to the wrong address. Or, as a freight forwarder, you may not be able to tell a customer when their order will arrive.

By tracking your freight online in real-time, you can eliminate these types of problems. You’ll have visibility into all of the different people and systems that are handling your shipment. This will help you make better decisions about where your freight is and how it’s being handled.

As you can see, real-time freight tracking is the simplest way to stay competitive in today’s global supply chain industry. This is especially important during periods of increased competition such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. When your freight is 100% trackable at all times, you can provide better service to your customers and maintain a high level of quality control.

Ocean freight, in particular, needs to be tracked at all times. That’s because if shipments get transferred to the next carrier, it can add 15+ days to the overall transit time. Here are some other reasons why freight visibility should be the top priority for members of the global supply chain –

Commercial Security

Modern-day manufacturers, shippers, and vendors want transparency. That’s because their customers’ demands have increased a lot in the past two years. When customers want timely deliveries of their merchandise, the pressure falls on freight forwarders and shipping companies.

You can’t provide the type of insight modern-day clients need with basic track-and-trace tools. You’ll need a single-point source of information. The best freight forwarders use integrated dashboards to check the status of their freight. These single-point dashboards give them access to real-time data such as –

  •         The arrival of freight at specific ports
  •         Departure times
  •         Details of the pick-up locations of their freight  
  •         Information about potential roadblocks near the destination location

These dashboards are backed by real-time GPS-enabled systems. Late shipments have unexpected ripple effects on the overall supply chain process. A GPS-enabled system freight tracking system will provide timely updates on all freight movements. This way, members of the supply chain can predict risks and avoid major hindrances.

Cost-Saving Data

The best ocean freight online tracking tools are expensive. Are these advanced tracking tools worth the money? Yes, because they provide cost-saving information to freight forwarders, vendors, shipping companies, etc. With 100% freight visibility, these professionals can create more cost-efficient freight delivery models.

They can use the data from their online tracking tools to perform predictive analysis. Then, they can use these data-based analyses to make informed decisions and manage their shipments more effectively. These small perks ultimately add up to boost productivity across the whole supply chain.

Keeping Up with Competitors

The global supply chain is increasing in size. It’s also becoming more competitive as more players are entering this market. In such a competitive market, using the latest freight tracking technologies can give your operations significant advantages. With these tools, you can build transparent supply chains.


  1. Reduced Transit Times

The best freight forwarders keep a constant vigil on their shipments. They use all the data at their disposal to optimize their delivery plans. This allows them to reduce transit times and save money on fuel costs.


5. Quality Control

The movement of freight is often delayed due to quality control issues. By using freight tracking tools, you can identify these issues and correct them. This will help to improve the quality of your products and maintain customer satisfaction levels.

The global supply chain is a complex web of organizations that cooperate to bring goods to market. In order to ensure the quality and security of your operations, it is essential to have visibility into the status and location of your shipments. In the past, this was a challenging task that was often conducted via telephone or email.

The constant flow of information will allow you to identify risks and enforce stricter timelines. If you’re a freight forwarder or an eCommerce vendor who is not using such tools – you’re missing out. Your competitors will most likely use these tools to outperform you.


Why Ocean Freight Online?

There are a few reasons why online freight tracking is so important for ocean freight.

  1. The complexity of the global supply chain: The global supply chain is becoming increasingly complex as a result of increased competition and trade volumes. Online freight tracking provides visibility into the entire supply chain, which helps reduce risk and improve efficiency.
  2. Transfer of shipments between carriers: When shipments are transferred between carriers, it can add significant delays to the overall transit time. Online freight tracking allows you to quickly identify any transfers and track the new carrier’s progress.
  3. Security and compliance: With online freight tracking, you can ensure that your operations are compliant with all security and customs regulations – and provide proof to auditors if necessary.
  4. Customer service: Providing accurate online freight tracking updates helps maintain good customer relationships.


That’s why every professional working in the global supply chain must use the latest tracking tools. If you’re an individual freight forwarder with limited resources, consider joining an alliance or network of fellow professionals. As a member of a freight forwarding alliance, you can share the costs and enjoy the perks these tools provide.

Freight forwarders have a lot to acquire from such an administration framework and its opportunities for tracking, tracing, and self-administration. Particularly given the intensity of the area, changes in regulations, and pressure on margins. The capacity to track orders gives an inward feeling of harmony to end clients. Particularly assuming they have self-service portal technology to do it without anyone’s help. Following shipments is basic to a decent client’s experience and authority.

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