Top Tips for Getting a Minimalist Look for Your Kitchen

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Top Tips for Getting a Minimalist Look for Your Kitchen

Minimalism is getting more and more popular these days. Even celebrities like Vincent Kartheiser and Robert Pattinson have embraced this movement and chose to live a simpler lifestyle.

One of the reasons people opt for it, be it in their fashion or interior design, is its clean and classic vibe. This timelessness makes the style relevant all year long.

And if you’re among the population who’s hooked on this as well, turning your kitchen into a minimalist one should be on your list.

What kind of kitchen benchtops should you go for to achieve such style? And what other things should you consider?


Ample Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect in every corner of the house. Unfortunately, this detail in the kitchen is sometimes overlooked.

With all the things you do in the kitchen, such as cooking and baking, this room needs to have enough lighting for work to be done conveniently and comfortably. And for a minimalist kitchen, having good light provides a brighter environment and illuminates the space for better movement and visibility.

Just remember to keep it simple. Sleek pendant lights above the kitchen island or benchtop and indirect lighting on the ceiling lining work great for this purpose.


Monochromatic Colours

The simpler your kitchen is, the better. And with minimalism, the lack of decorative details is very common.

Choosing a monochromatic colour palette, such as neutrals and pastels, overprinted walls or busy details, provides a clean look. And, of course, you can never go wrong with an all-white ensemble. These colours create a lighter sense and freer feeling in the kitchen.


Streamlined Designs

Streamlining your kitchen means having simple, smoother designs, from the pantry to the cupboards and drawers, making everything organised. It achieves a more effective and productive kitchen where you can move freely.

Moreover, your kitchen becomes visually appealing and clutter-free.


Marble Benchtop

If there’s one material to choose for a kitchen benchtop, it’s marble. This natural rock is popular not only in the kitchen but everywhere else in the house.

A marble kitchen benchtop’s clean and cool appearance can make even the smallest space look fresher and wider. Its classic yet sleek presence is perfect.

But don’t just stop with your kitchen benchtop. Marble is also great for any surface and even on tiles.


Empty Space

The thing with minimalism is that you don’t have to fill every space with something. Stop placing shelves or decors in every available area. You can always leave a wall or corner empty.

This empty space creates a soothing presence in the kitchen and allows for easier movement. Plus, it puts your benchtop or stove or something else in the spotlight.

The saying “live more with less” goes well with this movement. When you embrace this lifestyle, you deal with less clutter and make the most of your life with the little things you have.

Your home becomes clean and organised, and you can move undisturbed both in and out of your house. On top of this, you get to enjoy the aesthetics of having an elegant interior design. Whether you opt for quartz surfaces or marble kitchen benchtops, this style will bring out the best yet clean look in your kitchen and your whole house, too.

So, feel free to embrace the detail and use the tips above to get that minimalist kitchen look you always wanted.

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