Top 5 Benefits Of Microsoft Azure Certification In Your Career

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Top 5 Benefits Of Microsoft Azure Certification In Your Career

Deciding on a career is the most significant part of one’s journey. After choosing a career, acquiring the required skills is the next most significant part. Degrees and certification courses help to acquire the skills associated with a particular profession. The Microsoft Certification validates an individual’s skills and expertise in any of Microsoft’s programs or software. 

Today, companies and businesses can hardly run their operations without Microsoft programs. Therefore, Microsoft software and programs have become indispensable parts of many job roles, like accounting, marketing, coding, business analysis, etc. Microsoft offers a wide range of certifications. As cloud computing has become one of the fastest-growing technologies, Microsoft Azure Certifications are in great demand by IT professionals. Individuals can select any Microsoft certification depending upon their knowledge and experience. 

Microsoft Azure or Azure is one of the world’s most adopted cloud platforms. The Microsoft Azure Certification validates individuals for their skills in using the Azure platform for efficient business operations. Microsoft Azure offers role-based certifications, categorized into three different levels – Fundamental, Associate, and Expert. 

Azure Certifications

  • Fundamental

The fundamental-level certification is intended for individuals wishing to kick-start their careers in Azure technology or possessing less than two years of experience in cloud technology. Moreover, professionals desiring to shift from their current careers to the Azure platform can pursue Azure fundamental-level certification. 

  • Associate 

The associate-level Microsoft Cloud Certification is intended for professionals holding two to three years of hands-on experience in equivalent technologies. The associate-level certification tests individuals for their skills and expertise in using the Azure platform. Professionals wishing to change their careers can first pursue the fundamental-level certification and then the associate one. 

  • Expert

The highest level of certification is expert-level. This level of certification requires individuals to possess three to five years of working experience in technologies needed for a particular job role. Many expert-level Microsoft certifications require an individual to have associate-level credentials as a prerequisite. Microsoft certified expert professionals are capable of driving cloud transformations in their organizations. 

  • Higher Growth Potential

Microsoft Certificate training helps your resume to reflect better and impress the employer. Moreover, it is helpful for employees to gain promotion in the current workplace. With Microsoft Certificate, employees can negotiate for a salary increase with their managers. Individuals pursuing Microsoft certificate training are more productive and well-equipped with the skills required to solve business issues. 

  • Improved Visibility

It has become quite challenging for newbies to get a good position in top companies in this competitive world. However, they need to be extra-talented and possess extraordinary skills that enable them to stand out from the crowd. The Microsoft Certificate helps individuals to have the latest and extraordinary skills in Microsoft programs. You can add a Microsoft certificate badge to your resume and get visibility from employers. 

  • Fluency In Microsoft Programs

As Microsoft offers several certifications, you can gain expertise in any one of Microsoft’s software or programs. Microsoft Azure is one of the most desired inventions of Microsoft, which acts as a game-changer for businesses and companies. Being able to carry out business operations on the Azure platform effectively is one of the most significant requirements these days. The Azure Certification training enables you to gain the required skills in using the Azure platform. 

  • Increased Flexibility

Microsoft certified professionals demonstrate their flexibility and adaptability to systematic problem-solving strategies and technological changes. Therefore, possessing a Microsoft Certificate will indicate to an employer that you can adopt several problem-solving strategies and resolve stakeholders’ and customers’ concerns. 

  • Career Opportunities

Microsoft Certificate opens a wide range of career opportunities in various top industries. For individuals wishing to shift to a new job, try a different job role, or change their career paths, a Microsoft certificate is the best option. 

Understanding Azure Certifications

There are numerous Microsoft Azure certifications and differ by level of technical skill and specific areas and function of the Azure platform. There are numerous certifications, including Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate,  Microsoft Azure Architect Design and Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies. Each Azure certification has a different exam, each testing for the skills relevant to that certification.


For Azure Certification training, you can select Koenig Solutions, a global leader in providing training for IT certifications. You can pursue training from expert and proficient Microsoft Azure instructors to pass a certification exam. Earn your Microsoft Azure Certification from a Microsoft Gold Partner. Subject matter experts (SMEs) provide course material and update it regularly. You can also opt for one-to-one training mode, enabling you to pursue training at your own convenience. The Azure Certification cost charged by this center is relatively lower than others. 

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