Top 6 Notable SEO Facts and Figures of 2021

The evolving reality of the digital marketing landscape is intimidating and fascinating at the same time. The introduction of new technology improved search engine algorithms, and social media upgrades have made marketers around the world bring forward their A-game.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of every business’s digital marketing strategy and every business regardless of its size or which industry it belongs to needs search engine optimization for its website. Whether you are a small business that caters to the needs of locals or a large corporation like Hughesnet Internet Service, if you want your website to rank high on search engines, you need to invest in SEO.

A well-balanced and multifaceted SEO strategy can aid in transforming your business in multiple ways. It helps automate your lead generation efforts, the content developed by you is a major touchpoint in the customer buying cycle, and it helps build credibility and trust with your customers and prospects. To further highlight the impact and importance of SEO in a digital marketing strategy, we have gathered some statistics for you. These will cover SEO trends of 2021 and SEO benchmarking that will guide you and help you prepare for upcoming transitions and developments in the SEO landscape.


  • In 2021, out of all global desktop search traffic, 70% belonged to Google, followed by Baidu at 13%, Bing at 12%, and Yahoo at 2%

If you want to win the search engine optimization game, you need to play by the rules set by Google. This includes the Google algorithms and the SEO guidelines prescribed by the top search engine of the world. Ranking high on Bing and Yahoo will also bring visitors to your website, but given these stats, the companies ranking on the first Search Engine Results Page(SERP) of Google are most likely getting more business. As a marketer, you should be aware of all the Google algorithm updates to make sure you stay agile and on top of the game at all times.


  • As per Internet Live Stats, Google receives up to 3.5 billion searches per day and up to 1.2 trillion searches per year.

We rely on a search engine platform for just about anything. All we need to do is type a search query in the search bar and we’ll get the information we need in seconds. As per a survey, 70% of the times customers do product research online before making any sort of purchase. Ranking high on the SERPs will help you attract such customers who will most likely purchase from you if they found your product and the information you provided about the product appealing.


  • Out of the 3.5 billion searches queries that users type in every day, up to 15% of them are new queries

Search engine optimization is not only about trying to rank for already existing keywords and search queries. Given that so many new searches happen every day, SEO is also about ranking for these new keywords as it is for what’s already popular. This is where the BERT algorithm comes in. BERT is Google’s algorithm that looks at the intent and context of the words in a query. So when your content revolves around the intent to educate on a certain topic, this algorithm recognizes that intent and helps you rank for it.


  • The first 5 organic results on the search engine result pages account for 67.60% of all clicks

You might think that ranking on the second page of the SERPs is sufficiently good but as the stats show more than 50% of the time users click on the first five results on the SERP. The marketers and SEO experts need to be extra creative and savvy when it comes to search engine optimization in order to make sure their website gets a spot on the first page for a particular search query.


  • The search algorithms of Google takes into account 200 ranking factors

Although Google itself has never fully revealed what factors it uses to rank the websites on the SERPs, the digital marketers and SEO experts have been vigilant and are compiling lists of factors that are important for SERP ranking. Many marketers and online platforms have published some comprehensive lists that can be helpful for new marketers.


  • Up to 60% of marketing experts have said content development is one of the most effective SEO tactics

More than 50% of marketers believe that content rides the herd when it comes to search engine optimization tactics.  Although on-page content goes beyond keywords and provides a wealth of information, this is the reason why the search ranking list keeps on increasing every year.


Wrapping Up

There are multiple things the SEO experts and marketers should take into account when creating an SEO strategy, especially when things keep on changing year after year, and keeping track of these changes is important. Digital marketing is a dynamic industry, where you have to pay attention to new updates and trends to make sure your optimization efforts produce results. Use the above-mentioned SEO stats to optimize your website and attract your target customers.

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