Top 10 Reasons to Choose Quartz countertops

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One cannot deny the fact that quartz countertops have made a position in the market. More and more people are using quartz for their kitchen and bath countertops. Although, it is not entirely a natural stone. Also, it has resins and polymers in its composition. Despite knowing that, many homeowners prefer this engineered stone due to its many benefits.

In addition, quartz is a hard stone that can endure rough use. It is popular among the masses for its high-end finish. Unlike other natural stones, it requires no sealing for protection. Well, there are many reasons to choose this engineered stone for your home. 

Other than being beautiful, this stone has much to offer. Let’s look at the reasons why people prefer this beauty:

  1. Great visual appeal
  2. Uniform surface
  3. Various colors and designs
  4. It’s eco-friendly
  5. More durable
  6. Low-maintenance
  7. Stain and heat-resistant
  8. Mimics the look of other stones
  9. Easy to repair
  10. Low cost

Great visual appeal:

Well, you might not know that quartz has added rocks, resins, and glass stones in it. These additions are the reason for its stunning beauty. So, you can never go wrong with a white or black quartz slab in your home. Moreover, it has a high-end finish even without sealing. That is why it works very well with no polish or finish. In this case, most people prefer a matte finish on its slabs. 

Uniform surface

Unlike other natural stones that appear in the form of rocks, quartz has a uniform surface. After the process of making it, it has consistent looks. But, marble or granite differs in this aspect. In this way, you can create a large quartz counter and a kitchen island with similar slabs. In addition, you are less likely to find any blemishes and seams on its surface. It is a solid reason to choose this stone.

Various colors and designs:

As it is an engineered stone, no other stone can match the variety of quartz countertops. It comes in numerous colors, patterns, specs, and designs. It not only has veiny patterns but, it also comes with flecks and spots. The perfect example of its varied beauty is black galaxy quartz. That is why people say that quartz comes with neatly no imperfections. 

Moreover, you will find several hints on its surface. From white to blue to red to grey, it has all the unique hues in it. The contrast that it offers is the main reason to prefer it in kitchens.

It’s eco-friendly:

Whether it is your bathroom or kitchen, hygiene is vital to consider. In that case, quartz is an eco-friendly material for any home. Well, it has both natural and synthetic minerals in its composition. That makes it safe for the environment. Also, it does not react to bacteria or other viruses.  

More durable:

Quartz is non-porous in nature. This quality makes it ideal for use in cooking spaces. In this way, acidic spills do not get deep into their surface. That is why it is more durable than other natural stones. Also, it is less likely to chip or scratch due to the hardness of the stone. All of these aspects combine to make it last longer than we expect. The good news is that it can serve for decades with no such seal. 


Another reason to prefer this stone is that it does not require extra care. Just daily cleaning is good to retain its looks. Other natural stones like marble and granite require more care and maintenance. But, due to its non-porous surface, it is easier to clean the slabs. So, it performs very well with no special care. 

Stain and heat-resistant:

Its resistance to heat makes it perfect for kitchen use. On the other hand, its resistance to stains and moisture makes it ideal for bath counters. You can wipe the stains and spills with great ease, leaving no marks. For tough stains, use warm water and soap solution. But beware of the direct heat. Due to its sensitivity to sunlight, it is not ideal for the outdoors. 

Mimics the look of other stones:

The fun fact about quartz is that it can mimic the look of other natural or solid surfaces. So, quartz with marble extracts looks much closer to the actual marble. That is why it is ideal in all situations. So, you cannot tell quartz from marble or granite. If you love the look of marble but can’t afford it, go for a quartz slab. In addition, it can imitate the look of other solid surfaces. 

Easy to repair:

As I said earlier, quartz comes in uniform surfaces. That is why it is easier to find another piece in case of any damage. Moreover, it is easier to repair or replace damaged parts. Also, this stone does not chip or decay that easily. Due to this reason, it is the best choice for a busy cooking area.  

Low cost:

With all the other benefits and reasons to choose, quartz is available at varied prices. The quality and thickness of the slab determine its cost. Also, it has a lower cost than marble slabs. But, you will pay for its durability, looks, and low maintenance. That is why it comes with a good warranty.

What is the cost of quartz countertops?

Fair to say that quartz costs the same as granite. Its price depends on the rarity and quality of its stone. Plus, the thickness and finish also add to the total expense. On average, it is $60 to $100 per square foot. 


Out of many options, if you are looking for reasons to choose quartz countertops, go for it. Above are the top ten reasons to choose this beauty. First of all, it is durable, consistent, and unique. Then, it is non-porous, which makes it heat and stain-resistant. Also, it is eco-friendly. More such reasons make it ideal to choose for your home. For the best quartz, go to the website of Silver marble granite.

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