Tools and Tips for Home Floral Arrangement

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Who doesn’t love flowers? Maybe everybody loves flowers except those allergic to pollen. The huge smile on the receiver’s face is worth the effort, but did you know that flower arrangement can be a chore? Because it requires special tools, several aesthetic elements come into play to create a beautiful flower bouquet.

It might actually be simpler to order a flower bouquet as a gift but the following suggestions are applicable for home style flower arrangement.


Essential Tools you Need to create your bouquet


  1. Floral Clippers

A high-quality set of floral clippers is essential for any fabulous bouquet or arrangement. An ergonomic flower clippers with Teflon-coated carbon steel blades and thermoplastic elastomer handles will allow you to cut stems, extra foliage, and spent blooms in comfort—and with a little bit of elegance.

  1. Flower Frog

Do you prefer to arrange your stems more traditionally? A spherical floral pin frog should be placed at the bottom of your vase to help anchor stems in receptacles that are too shallow or broad to provide appropriate support for them.

  1. Florist Pillow

The stems tend to tumble over rather than flow gently when handled by inexperienced hands.

The florist pillow, which lies inside your bowl or compote, softly supports blooms and counterbalance their weight, allowing them to extend out precisely the way you want them.

  1. Pruners

These clippers are made of robust steel with elegant copper accents, allowing them to cut and clip even the most rigid stems with relative ease.

  1. Adhesive

In your house, if you’re like most people, you have at least two types of adhesive: white all-purpose glue and super glue, to name a few options. However, flower glue is unique in that it works in wet or cold circumstances to rapidly connect your fresh flowers with wet foam, glass, plastic ribbons and greenery, as well as with other items such as plastic containers.

Florist glue is an essential ingredient for creating elaborate corsages and boutonnieres, but it may also be used to make garlands and wreaths for use as home décor. In addition, it is possible to purchase a tube of sticky gel for working with small surfaces and an adhesive spray for creating densely packed pavé-style patterns.

Once you have the tools you need to employ design elements to make your bouquet stand out consider the following :


  • Balance

To achieve balance in a floral arrangement, making each bouquet symmetrical in shape is not necessary. The final structure may be in a crescent or right triangle, but it will still be visually appealing.

Check the balance of your arrangement by looking at it from three different perspectives: the front, the rear, and the top of the bouquet. If your design appears crooked when viewed from one of these perspectives, consider adding or removing flowers or foliage to balance the arrangement.

  • Colour Contrasts

Combining bright and dark flowers is a classic technique for enhancing the attractiveness of a floral arrangement. Green flowers may be particularly effective in creating contrast since they stand out against warm and cold tones. To prevent the deepest burgundy flowers from receding into the darkness (which can seem practically black in some lighting), pair them with lighter colours such as white, pink, pale green, or peach flowers to keep them from disappearing into the darkness.

That list is long, and though it was informative, it highlighted that sometimes the professionals like florists have more experience making the kind of flower bouquet that makes you say wow. So next time you need to cheer someone, consider calling in your order instead. The shop will have a variety of flowers suited to your preference and budget.

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