To Avoid Injury, You really Need To Warm Up Properly.

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To Avoid Injury, You really Need To Warm Up Properly.

It seems that we have turned a corner when it comes to people eating the right food and taking part in regular exercise. It may be the one positive thing to come out of the current situation which we all find ourselves in, but it has always been difficult to start an exercise routine because it can be very difficult to motivate yourself when the time comes. Some people are keener than others and they just want to get out there and start exercising as much as they can. Unfortunately, this is their first big mistake because they don’t warm their muscles up first and so it is very likely that they may suffer from some kind of injury as a result. Many people say that the warm up is just as important as the exercise itself and we should all spend at least 10 to 15 minutes making sure that our body is ready for what’s coming next. The last thing that you want to happen is to get an injury at the very beginning of your new exercise routine because then you might have to wait another week before you can begin again.


To have your injuries addressed, you should visit Bella Vista Physio and you don’t have to be injured to go see them. It is generally recommended that you visit a physio before you undertake any new exercise program so that you can receive the necessary information and help that will give you the flexibility that you need going forward. For those of you still don’t appreciate the benefits of a warm up, then maybe the following can help to educate you a little.


Less injuries – If you take at least 10 minutes to warm up your body and that includes your muscles and tendons, then you might not experience an injury later on when you exercise. It is so important to be flexible when you’re just starting out with your new exercise routine and your physio can properly advise you about what kind of warm-up routine that you should be doing that can give you the best results. There are many outdoor activities for the family, but everyone needs to warm up first.


It prepares you mentally – Sometimes the body is willing but the mind is not ready and so it is very important that you were both mentally and physically prepared for your new exercise routine. This is a big change in your life and other changes are going to have to be made to accommodate your new fitness routine. It is important that you don’t give up early in the proceedings and so avoiding any injuries will help to keep you motivated and mentally strong.


Your core temperature is increased – By completing the necessary warm-up routine, you are making sure that your muscles are ready for your exercise routine. It is important that you increase your body temperature so that it can be more flexible and it is ready to absorb higher oxygen levels. It also lets you heart know that it needs to be ready. You should conduct a basic warm up and stretching routine before exercise.


It is fantastic that you have finally decided to make the changes in your life so that you are physically stronger and mentally stronger as well. The hard part is over, now that you have convinced yourself that it needs to be done, so make sure that you don’t experience any injuries that are going to slow you down.



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