Why Civil Engineers Prefer TMT Bars Over Mild Steel Bars: Features and Types

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Why Civil Engineers Prefer TMT Bars Over Mild Steel Bars: Features and Types

Steel is required in almost every type of construction field. The buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, etc., need steel for strength, durability, and sturdiness. Many builders prefer to buy TMT bars online as their first choice. And there are solid reasons for their preference for TMT bars.

Strong steel bars are necessary for constructing giant skyscrapers and dams that can sustain massive amounts of weight and retain thousands of liters of water. Civil engineers and architects always select trustworthy steel bars and have the tensile strength to withstand all the years of damage and earthquakes.

Read on to understand the benefits of using TMT bars for construction purposes.

TMT bars are used for several construction purposes. These bars are used in projects such as:

  • Dams
  • Bridges
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Highways
  • Flyovers
  • Power Plants
  • Stadiums

These bars are also used in high-rise constructions, sophisticated structures, and big exquisite dream homes.

But why should you prefer TMT bars over mild steel bars?

To understand why everyone prefers TMT bars over mild steel bars, you must know the difference between them.

What are mild steel bars?

These steels are suitable for small to medium construction purposes. It was popular long back in time and is still considered ideal for some minor construction projects. It is also known as “Low Carbon Steel”.

The carbon content is relatively low in these steel bars, making it impossible to strengthen these steels by heating.

The mild steel bars have these issues:

  • Low tensile strength
  • It is prone to corrosion and cannot be installed where there is a chance of decay
  • Cannot withstand earthquakes because of low tensile strength
  • Possibility of bending

Since you understand the incapability of mild steel bars, here are the reasons why builders prefer TMT bars.

  • TMT bars improve the longevity of construction. It doesn’t chemically react with other construction materials.
  • These are highly corrosion-resistant and don’t form rust within.
  • They are highly ductile, which is why builders with projects near an earthquake-prone area prefer these steels.
  • These steels are also weldable, corrosion-resistant, bendable, less fatigue, and fire-resistant.
  • High tensile strength makes it superior to mild steel bars.

These are the reasons why builders started to buy TMT bars online.

What are the types of TMT bars?

You can find four types of TMT bars in the market. They are categorized under various grades such as Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, & Fe 600. These are manufactured for different purposes, as explained below.

Fe 415 grade: These are best for small-scale projects such as reinforcing residential homes and small to medium structures. Because of their elongation property, these bars are best for regions that are prone to earthquakes.

Fe 500 grade: These bars are considered as market-standard across many building projects. These bars are also used in small and medium construction projects, residential buildings, and multi-story projects.

Fe 550 grade: These bars are required in large-scale construction projects because of their high tensile strength. These steel bars are great for industrial and large-format projects such as bridges, dams, and structures that need high load-bearing capacity.

Fe 600 grade: This one is the strongest of the TMT steel, and it’s required in building heavy-duty infrastructure projects, marine facilities, dams, etc. Civil engineers prefer this grade because of its high tensile strength and durability.

These are the main types of TMT steel bars used in construction projects.

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