Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Bed Sheets

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Tips for Purchasing High-Quality Bed Sheets

Bed sheets are one of the most essential bed linen and bedding accessories and there probably is no way that one can go by without using them. Bed sheets are essential to keep your mattress neat and clean and to protect your skin from the harsh fabric that a mattress is woven with.

Bed sheets also ensure to give the bedroom a warm and colorful perspective and make the bed look more invigorating. It helps cover the boring old fabric the mattress is made from and can be changed often to match the mood and tone of the room.

But buying bedsheets of the right size, the right colors and the right fabric can be quite a tough decision. When the quality is not right, bed sheets may not last and become dull and unattractive quite fast. Therefore it is necessary to buy high-quality bed sheets from a trusted seller either online or from a store and ensuring that the fabric and quality are of good quality.

Identifying Poor Quality Bed Sheets

A poor-quality bed sheet can not only be a waste of money and time but also look very unattractive in the bedroom. Most fabrics are hand-dyed or machine dyed and those who produce them that do not use good quality paint or dye can easily fade out within a couple of washes. It can even bleed into the pattern and ruin the whole bed sheet. It may bleed onto other clothes and create marks and imprints.

Some fabrics can develop lint which can be quite unpleasant to the touch and feel and looks very unattractive on the bed. Lints are small fabric rolls that pop up on the sheets as a result of fabric wash and can be quite annoying when sleeping on them.

Poor quality material can shrink and become oddly sized and may not fit the bed perfectly anymore. These are all the possible outcomes of buying a poor-quality sheet. The best way to identify good quality sheets is to know the traits of a bad one. Ensure buying branded sheets from a trusted seller so that these problems are not encountered.

Tips to Buy High-Quality Sheets

  1. Always Buy Good Fabric Mix

Always buy trusted fabrics that make for a good bed sheet such as Cotton, Cotton Linen Mix, Cotton Polyester, Silk and Satin are also great options for bedsheets. Good fabric will last for a long time and will feel soft and comfortable on the skin.

  1. Choose Colors carefully

Buy colored bed sheets carefully and ensure that they do not come from cheap dyes. Hand-painted, Hand Printed, and Organic dyes are much better and rarely do fade away. Wash colored bed sheets separately and then put them to use

  1. Check for Wash Care

Always buy sheets that have a well-designated wash care label that describes the right way to take care of the bedsheet. Stick to the instructions in terms of detergent, washing temperature, drying, and ironing instructions.

  1. Buy from Trusted Sellers

It is always a good idea to buy from a trusted seller such as a good brand or a good store that can ensure the quality of the sheets and if not can help you with exchanges.

  1. Check for Threadcount

One of the highest quality benchmarks is the thread count, the higher the thread count the better the quality of the sheet. Anything above 300 or above is considered a good quality sheet.

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