The upcoming sandals that you must have this summer!

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Heel sandals, wedge sandals, chunky sandals, and many other types of sandals are footwear that we use to protect our feet. We cannot walk barefoot all around. It protects our feet from earthly impurities. Shoes also serve in handling our body weight.  Different types of shoes are available at different shoe shops, according to fashion. Shoes in every country are different according to their customs. The term “shoe” is used for a single shoe and a pair of shoes is equal to shoes. There are different types of shoes. You should select the shoe according to your stability. If a shoe is not comfortable then do not buy it. High heel sandals

  • Galoshes
  • Figure skates
  • Ankle boot
  • Ballet shoes
  • Elevator shoes
  • Chunky Sandals
  • Wedge Sandals

These shoes are usually considered to be for women.

That’s why in this article, we’ve written an ultimate guide on the best upcoming sandals that you must have this summer and wrote a buying guide for you! So let’s get into it:


Fitting of the shoes

The fitting of the shoe is the most important factor in buying a shoe. To check the fitness and softness of the shoe you should walk and continue walking for 3 to 5 minutes to check its fitting. According to biological research, one foot of every person is larger than the other one. So, you should also keep that in mind that both of the shoes have to be fit. You must ensure that your feet must not hurt. To check the stability of shoes, do not order them online because you have to compromise the factor of fitness in online shopping.



Size of the sandal

The size of the sandal is different in different shoe shops according to the company maker. For example, 9 number shoe sometimes seems big if you buy this from another store. So, there are no fixed standards for shoe size. To get rid of this query you must have the accurate size of your feet. Because the size of feet is always constant. You can measure the size of your feet at any shoe shop. Every shoe shop has that tool. The average shoe size of ladies is 39. And for gents is 43. Here are the steps to measure the size of your shoe:

  • The only thing you want is A4 size paper and a ruler.
  • Put your feet on the paper.
  • Mark the point at the end of your heel and the start of your toe.
  • After this, measure the distance between both points.
  • Measure the distance in centimeters as well as in inches.
  • Now you have the exact size of your feet.


Company return policy

Many companies do not support the facility of returning items. On the other hand, some companies support this facility. Just because sometimes people buy shoes and do not try them and when they try that at home it does not fit. So, in this situation, they have to return the shoes. But some people take advantage of this fact and start returning used shoes which are not ethically right. So, to avoid all these there are some return policies:

  • Shoes should be in inordinate form and there must be no dust or scarp at all.
  • You can return shoes within 10-15 days. After this period the shoes will not return.
  • In order to return the shoe, you must have a receipt or a bill or a tag on the shoes.
  • In some cases, the company will not refund you but you have an option to buy something in exchange for the previous thing.
  • One more thing that you should consider is that no seller will claim a refund or exchange if the heels of your shoes, especially high heel sandals, are broken or damaged.


Sole of the shoe

The sole is the part of the shoe located at the bottom of the shoe. The sole of the shoes must be soft and easy otherwise it may damage your feet’ heel. If you really want soft yet stylish sandals, then we suggest going ahead with chunky sandals. They are usually much softer and comfortable than heel sandals and wedge sandals. Sole is often made up of leather or rubber. Leather is extremely lenient and easy to wear. Leather sole shoes are best for the office and rubber use is best for general usage. The sole of the shoe consists of two parts:

  • Insole
  • Outsole

INSOLE is present inside the shoe and touches the bottom of your feet.

OUTSOLE is present outside the soul and is in direct contact with the earth.

If your sole is damaged, the cobbler can reattach the sole.


Know your shoe size

As we have discussed earlier, shoe size is a very important element. The size of the shoe varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Charts for the size of shoes are also present. Here is the chart for women and men shoe size:

In this way, you can measure your shoe size.

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