Tips To Choose The Best Violin For Sale From Violin Shop Singapore

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If you find yourself confused with choosing a violin for sale, then you are not alone. Many parents and children want to purchase the best violin for their musical journey. It is evident to feel overwhelmed by the vast number of violin shop Singapore. Of course, you would always want the best instrument for your money, right? But if you have never played the violin before, purchasing or renting one can present a challenge.

Today, Rita Yeo of Stradivari Strings has described the tips mentioned below for choosing the violin. She says that the initial year of purchasing the best violin for sale is tough! It is all the tougher to select the best violin shop Singapore.

Students need proper encouragement to keep up with this instrument. Every musical instrument is tough to learn in its initial years. Choosing one is all the more difficult. But, if the instrument sounds good and has proper playability, students will stick to their courses more. They will develop a truly remarkable skill that will benefit them all their lives.

According to Rita, the following tips will help you choose the best violin from your preferred violin shop Singapore.

Should You Rent Or Buy A Violin?

There are various violin for sale which you can purchase as a beginner. The price for these violins is cost-effective and wouldn’t cause a hole in your pocket. However, if the student isn’t sure they will continue to learn the violin, renting one is the best option! If the student is very young, renting a small violin is recommended. You can also go for various used violin for sale since these too come at a very affordable price.

What Size Should You Get?

Size matters. You should never rent or purchase a violin for sale that is too big or too small for the student. Playing on the wrong sized instrument would lead to many problems in the long run. These include chronic neck, back, and arm injuries. Always ask your trustworthy violin shop Singapore which is the perfect size for either you or your child. The staff should help you out to choose the ideal sized instrument for your musical journey.

Always be sure about the size you are looking for. A good violin shop would always help you to make such decisions effortlessly. Also, take age, body size, hand shape, and physical strength into consideration. If you are unsure, asking your trusted violin shop is always the best option than playing on an oversized instrument.

Material And Craftsmanship Of Your Instrument

This is probably the most vital factor when you visit any violin shop Singapore to purchase your new violin. Violin construction was perfected about 250 years ago. However, the violins made today are crafted in the same way. It is evident that hand-crafted instruments are costly. Precision manufacturing is an effective way to make the best violin for sale. These violins are best for both intermediate and beginner violinists. Violins are also crafted from unique tonewoods. These include Spruce, Maple, and many other tonewoods. If you want to determine the quality of your violin for sale, you need to watch out for the depth of carving on the scroll. A deep carving typically indicates superior craftsmanship. Take a look at the joining areas around the body of the violin too! They should fit tightly. The violin itself should feature symmetrical alignment.

Always Ask An Expert Before Visiting Violin Shop Singapore

Always have a thorough discussion with your teacher during one of your violin lessons before visiting a violin shop Singapore. It would be better if the shop conducted instrument repairs. Violin Craftsmen are also called luthiers. A professional luthier would be happy to share his expertise when it comes to a violin for sale. It is evident that luthiers and teachers have an abiding love of the instrument. Thus, like true enthusiasts, they will want to impart their wisdom to beginners.

Shoulder And Chin Rest Considerations

The chin rest should fit the player’s chin. It should be placed in such a way so that it isn’t uncomfortable. Ideally, you want to choose accessories that make playing feel natural. Likewise, a good shoulder rest is essential for beginners. Having one makes sure that they can maintain a good posture.

Final Tip: Hear It Sound!

It is crucial for the player to like the sound of their instrument. Since violins are made from organic materials, they each have their own unique sound. Have someone with you when choosing, and make sure that you hear the violin before buying or renting.

Follow these tips before visiting a violin shop Singapore to get an instrument that would last for years!

Stradivari Strings is one such place where you would get top-notch violins at a cost-effective price. So, if you are somewhere near their shop, give them a visit.

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