Pave Your Way to Successful Trading With Winbitx

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As the industry has grown in size, more investors are moving to this sector with aims to try their luck and make profits. If you are looking to do the same, then why not go for an exchange that ensures success and profitability. In my Winbitx review today, I will show you that it has the potential to offer you all that you need to pave your way to success in online trading.

Deposits/Withdrawals and Transaction Security

Let us get to the point without beating around the bush and discuss the minimum deposit require and payment methods. The minimum deposit that you are required to make at Winbitx is $10,000 or €10,000. You can choose bank wire to make the deposit, you can choose credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrency wallets.

As for the withdrawals, once you log the request, you need to remain patient for 5-7 working days in order for your withdrawal money to make to your preferred method.

Winbitx assures you that it has your transactions fully protected with encryptions and peer-to-peer transaction channels offered through SSL Security. This ensures that every transaction is out of the hands of bad actors and hackers.

Educational System and Trading Tools Are Available Also

Winbitx has readied one of the most sophisticated and detailed educational program for your convenience. While performing trades, you have the opportunity to learn and receive guidance from the content that Winbitx has readied for you this its platform. The educational system at Winbitx is vast and is for your profile building. At present, the educational content offers components such as glossary, ebooks, help center, trading academy, seminars, webinars, and one-on-one training.

Winbitx’s support does not just stop at the educational system, it goes so far as to offer support through trading tools. These trading tools play a key role in helping you learn more about the trading markets, their trends, learn strategies, and apply them in daily trading activities. At present, the trading tools offered by Winbitx include live charts, asset index, trader’s guide, and economic calendar among the rest.

Winbitx Offers Variety of Trading Options

You will be surprised to see the variety of trading options that are offered by Winbitx. This shows how much focused it is in providing you with tremendous amount of support and options while trading:

List of Trading Accounts

The first surprising fact about Winbitx is that it offers you with a long list of trading accounts as per your trading needs and experience. It is completely up to your feasibility and affordability as to which trading account you would want to trade with. The account with the lowest deposit requirement of €10,000 is “Bronze”. On top of the primary trading accounts, Winbitx also offers you the opportunity to trade with Islamic account so if you wish to abide by the Sharia laws then this is the best trading account for you.

List of Trading Assets

Winbitx provides you with a vast list of trading assets that include cryptocurrencies, metals/oil, indices, shares, and foreign exchange. These trading assets are top of the line in the entire online trading industry and offer complete guidance for every single one of them.

Variety of Trading Platforms

Winbitx offers you with two of the most popular and widely adopted trading platforms that are MT4 and MT5. These platforms offer the most advanced and top notch trading tools, as well as a sophisticated/customizable trading environment. Some of the major services/features offered by MT4 and MT5 include money management, economic calendar, trading instructions, fast transactions, advanced reporting system, and so much more. Whether you have a tablet, a smartphone, a desktop, or a laptop, you can use these trading platforms.

Real Time Support and Adherence to Regulations

Winbitx is dedicated to providing you with one of the most professional, sophisticated, ethical, and safe trading environment. This is the reason why it backs you up and provides you support with a number of ways but the major ones are:

Real Time Support

The real time support offered by Winbitx is one of the most professional, experienced, and friendly in the entire industry. They have years of experience behind their back and are always ready to provide you with their undivided support and attention. There are three ways you can get in touch with them between Monday and Saturday. The first medium is by landline, the second one is via email, and the last one is via chat support.

Adherence to Regulations

No matter the regulatory adherence, if the regulators require it, then Winbitx is going to show full dedication in terms of compliance. At present, the regulators are very serious about the Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money Laundering policies. Therefore, Winbitx is no intentions of not adhering to either of the regulations.

Do Not Be Afraid and Try Trading

I would be lying if I say there are no risks involved in the online trading industry, because risks are literally everywhere. Even driving a car or riding a bike is full of risks, but it does not mean that we stop driving/riding completely. Instead, we take precautions and prepare ourselves to face fast moving and crowded traffic situations. This is exactly what we need to do in online trading and take the first step, the rest will follow on and become easier. It is all about getting the first exposure into the online trading sector, so try that and see where it takes you.

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