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Trucks used for business provide an inherently dangerous situation for the general population. Every year, more than 300- people are killed, and hundreds more are wounded due to crashes involving tractor-trailers in the state of California, according to the Stockton truck accident attorney. When operating large vehicles, drivers are required to have the most significant possible degree of public security in mind. Sadly, many large transportation businesses do not adhere to this standard.

A disproportionately high amount of heavy truck traffic passes through the neighborhood. Trucks are a constant presence in the city of Lodi because major thoroughfares like California State Highway 99 and California State Route 12 pass straight through the town. You need to be prepared for the possibility that you may sustain injuries in a collision. Following a collision with a tractor-trailer in County, Lodi motorcycle accident attorneys will discuss the following three steps:

  • Any Injuries Should Be Treated Immediately

Every injury caused by a commercial vehicle collision has to be assessed and cared for by a qualified medical professional. Severe injuries need immediate medical attention, which often includes transportation by ambulance to an emergency department in the area, located at Adventist Lodi Memorial or another local institution.

Even injuries that aren’t life-threatening need to be looked out for and treated as soon as possible. After being in a collision with a vehicle, it is necessary to seek medical attention to safeguard your health. In addition, the procedure of filing claims for personal injuries requires that this stage be completed.

  • Notify Authorities And Compile A Report On The Truck Crash

In California, the local law enforcement agency must be notified of any accident involving a tractor-trailer that results in either injuries or significant property damage. This is in your greatest interest to maintain that the police are informed about the collision you were involved in.

 In a significant collision involving a truck, the California Highway Patrol, the County Sheriff’s Office, or the Stockton Police Department should respond. You should also make an effort to record the accident proactively if you are physically capable of doing so. Take pictures, make a video, and collect as much information as you can on the driver of the vehicle and any witnesses.

  • Avoid Giving An Insurer A Statement—Consult An Auto Accident Lawyer

It is not recommended to provide a statement to the business insurance of the trucking firm as soon as an accident has occurred. They could try to get in touch with you in the immediate aftermath of the accident, frequently when you are still focusing on bringing well from your wounds. You are not required to make a statement at this time.

After a serious collision involving a tractor-trailer, getting in touch with a truck accident lawyer with expertise in Lodi as soon as possible is the most effective method to protect yourself as well as your legal rights. Hiring a lawyer can assist you in establishing culpability and pursuing compensation.


You may trust the truck accident lawyers at Law Corp since they have the knowledge and skills, and legal competence to back them up. Please contact our legal company as soon as possible for a complimentary consultation if you or a loved one was wounded in an accident involving a tractor-trailer. Claims for injuries sustained in truck accidents countywide, including Manteca, Stockton, Lathrop, and Tracy, among other locations.

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